New White-Label SMS Marketing Material Templates


In response to feedback from our retail customers and SMS resellers alike, we have released new marketing materials in addition to our current fliers. These free marketing materials are templates of various types of advertising a business might use to promote the SMS messaging service (such as business fliers, business cards, brochures, etc.).

To obtain these free marketing material templates, visit the TXT180 website. Marketing templates include:

  • 1 Business brochure template (tri-fold, double-sided brochure)
  • 1 Customer 8.5×11 business flyer template for promoting the keyword/short code campaign
  • 1 Set of instructions about the free marketing fliers
  • 1 Page of template business cards (double sided w/ QR code spot on the back)
  • 2 SMS Reseller 8.5×11 business flyer templates
  • 1 8.5×11 table tent for promoting the keyword/short code campaign (tri-fold, same display on all sides)

We plan to release more free marketing materials in the future to widen the variety of marketing templates available to all TXT180 customers and SMS resellers. Please keep in mind all these marketing materials are TEMPLATES and can be customized to suit your business theme. All pictures and text can be changed on the documents as you see fit.

**NOTE** Customer fliers used to promote the keyword/short code campaign have mandatory verbiage already in place on the fliers that is required to be on all advertising of keyword/short code campaigns. Please do not remove this verbiage and fill in the requested information in order to be compliant with the text message marketing laws and regulations.

We appreciate your feedback and hope these new marketing materials will assist you in your SMS marketing efforts.

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