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Here at TXT180 we have been working hard on the redesign of the control panel for reseller’s customers and we are happy to announce that we are in the final stages and plan to have the new platform live by noon MST on Monday July 29th, 2013! We will take a minute to cover the basics of what has changed and what to look forward to.

Just to be clear, the reseller control panel will NOT be changed at this time, although that is the next big project we will be working on. The changes are all to the actual customer control panel (if you are a current reseller look for the reseller newsletter that contains a link from which you can preview the new control panel, try out some color schemes and become familiar with the new layout BEFORE the panel goes live and you need to answer your customer’s questions – if you have not received this newsletter please email and we can forward you a copy.) As you test out the new control panel and become familiar with it, please email if you come across any bugs and we will have those fixed as soon as possible.

What Has Changed? 

Changes to the reseller’s customer control panel are mostly all in the layout and design. The new design completely eliminates the pop-up functionality of the old control panel (do we hear a Hallelujah chorus here? ūüėČ ) and incorporates a left-hand tabular navigation system rather than an icon based layout. The stats box currently on the left hand side is now labeled the Home screen. When clicking Home on the left hand navigation the center pane of the screen will fill with all of the information currently included in the stats box. Continuing down the left hand navigation customers will have a series of expandable tabs that give them quick access to all of the same features that are available on the current control panel through the icons. (e.g. Contacts, Groups, Keywords/Auto-responder, Inbox, Edit Account, etc.)

With the new control panel customers will no longer get a new pop-up window every time they switch from one screen to another. Instead, the new screen will always load in the center of the window.  This will greatly increase efficiency for customers as they navigate between features within the control panel. Customers will likely notice that the layout is a little bit different on some of the pages, but they will quickly see that it is very user friendly and easy to understand.

A few NEW features have been added as well, for instance, on the Send Message page users will now have a Preview box that will auto fill as they are typing out the message to send. This will let the user see exactly how their message will appear on the phone of the user that receives the message, with the Stop to Cancel at the end. This can help ensure every message is as accurate as possible without any spacing, symbol, or spelling errors. A few other minor changes have been made in wording, to make the entire system as clear and customer-friendly as possible. For example, on the Add Keyword screen instead of saying “Submit” the button says “Check Availability” clearly indicating that they are not purchasing the keyword but checking for availability and then says “Add Keyword” instead of just “Available” to let the user know when he/she is actually purchasing and adding the keyword to the account.

What Didn’t Change?¬†

Functionality. Everything works exactly the same, all the features and tools are the same, customers will just be accessing them through a text based menu rather than the icons. As the reseller, you will still be able to customize the colors, logo, and header information with your specific company name, image, and contact information. If you need some help choosing your colors, finding the hex codes for the exact color you want,  or need help setting up your white label settings, as always, we are more than happy to help! See some color samples here, or send us your logo via email to and we will be happy to make some recommendations for color schemes that will compliment your company logo.

Overall, the new reseller’s customer control panel works exactly the same as the current control panel; we have eliminated the pop-ups and switched to a left hand text navigation instead of icons. The new control panel is virtually the same as our regular customer control panel, check out some video tutorials of the TXT180 control panel to get an idea of what the new reseller customer control panel looks like.

We want to know what you think! Send your feedback, questions, bugs, or other comments to our support team at

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