Text to Vote and SMS Text Polling Campaigns


An sms text to vote campaign is a great way to involve a live audience! Whether it’s the middle school talent show or a fortune 500 business seminar, keeping your audience engaged has never been easier! SMS text polling is also a great way to keep customers engaged with your product or service and gathering their phone numbers to send them special offers and bring them back to your business time and a again!

TXT180 text to vote campaign is easy to setup and use in 5 simple steps:

  1. Click on My Groups, Add Group to create a group. Create a group for each option a person can vote on.  For example, the middle school has 10 talent show contestants; create a group with extensions 1-10 – or make it custom by using the name of each contestant. The group name is how you will see it listed on the dashboard, click Advanced options to define the extension and message they get back. To have the audience vote you will tell them to text keyword-extension to the short code number. Let’s say the middle school is Cherry Hill Middle School and they are using chms as the keyword on our 21000 short code. To vote the students will text chms-amy to 21000 to vote for Amy.
  2. Group Auto Responder. This is a custom message that will be returned when they text in, something like “Your vote has been counted for Amy – one vote per person! :)”
  3. Handling Duplicate Contacts – We recommend with voting or an sms text polling campaign that you leave this on Ignore. If people do try to text in multiple times, to make sure who they want to win, wins – middle schoolers are famous for this!, it will make sure they don’t keep getting the default message over and over. Their number will only be added once regardless but those messages add up quickly and you don’t want to be paying for hundreds of wasted messages!
  4. Ending voting – At the end of the voting period we recommend you go to the My Groups page and screenshot that – you’ll see a number of contacts for each group – that is the number of votes received for each option. There isn’t a way to stop them from continuing to text but the screenshot will be the numbers at that time. Another option would be to delete or change the extensions so that the old ones will not work.

That’s it! Once you have all your groups set up your text to vote campaign is active and ready to go! Print the instructions on your program, put them up on the jumbo screen, or just explain how it works during your presentation.

An sms polling campaign may be something that is longer running but setting it up is the same! Maybe you have a frozen yogurt shop and you want to run a poll with your customers to see which new flavor is their favorite so you can decide which to add permanently to the menu. Easy! Setup groups with the new flavor types and put up instructions in the shop on how to vote! “Text FroYo-pineapple to 21000 to vote for Aloha Pineapple”. Create a list of the options and set a flyer by the register or next to your free samples! This is a great way to engage your customers and collect cell numbers with established permission to text them your future specials! You also have groups of people you know that love a particular flavor so you can use custom group text messages to entice them to come in for their favorite frozen treat!

If you still have questions contact support using the live chat or send us an email: support@txt180.com – we’re always happy to help!


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