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TXT180.com is excited about the new website design and pricing structure that was launched last week. If you are familiar with our old website you will notice a significant change in the look and design of the site as well as a new logo and pricing structure. The new TXT180 website has consolidated a lot of the information and pages that were found on the old site to 4 simple pages: Homepage, Pricing, Benefits, and How to Use. As a text message marketing provider our goal is to make group messaging as easy as possible for any business or organization. TXT180 has been the low-cost leader in text marketing for more than five years and has no plan to change that. Our business focus has been to provide a valuable service that is affordable for virtually any business or organization to use to keep in contact with members and clients.

Text message marketing is an opt-in based service, meaning each customer or member must opt-in to your sms marketing campaign before you can send them any messages. When you sign up as a text marketing client you will choose a keyword, that is the word that you will instruct people to text to our shortcode (the shortened phone number that we use for our service) 77948. Sometimes people think that is too much work and not worth the effort but in reality it is a very easy to do. Share the information by word-or-mouth, on social media, on table-top tents, point-of-sale cards, websites, printed ads, or anywhere that potential customers will see or hear the opt-in information. If you are marketing a business you will likely want to provide some form of incentive for them to opt-in, something as simple as a discount coupon, free item, chance to win, free download, etc.

Maybe you still aren’t sure how you would use text marketing, check out the TXT180 benefits page and the TXT180 features page to learn more about how the service works and how all different types of businesses and organizations are using group text messaging to lift their workload, save time, and increase revenue. Church groups and other organizations also use sms marketing systems to keep in touch with members, the service can be used as a reminder to increase attendance at meetings or special events, to uplift members with daily quotes or scriptures, and to help members feel more involved and informed about what is happening within the organization.

Once the clients text the keyword their phone number is automatically added to your contact list and you can send them messages regarding your business or organization anytime you want. The TXT180 features include a text message scheduler that allows users to schedule their messages days, weeks, or even months in advance. TXT180 offers numerous affordable text marketing plans to choose from so that you can reach your customers whenever you need to. Our group messaging plans start at 500 messages per month for $19.95. 500 messages would let you send 5 messages to 100 contacts, or two messages to 250 contacts or any variation of those numbers. The thing to remember is that every phone number a message is sent to counts as one message. Keep in mind also that all outbound messages are deducted from your account balance. This means that defaults, confirmations, stop, and help messages are also deducted. The Home tab on your user control panel has real-time stats so that you can always see exactly how many messages have been used, how many remain for the month, and when your messages will refill. Inbound messages are always free and unlimited.

If you visit the TXT180 pricing page you will also see that we offer a discount on any prepaid account. Choose annual billing and you will automatically receive a 20% discount off the regular plan price. Annual plans do not require a contract, customers can cancel the account at anytime. If an account is cancelled during the year of prepaid service the months used will be prorated and the unused months will be refunded. The really great news is that the TXT180 coupon code DOLLAR will let anyone sign up and try the service for a full 30 days for just $1. There are no limitations with the promo offer, clients that choose the 500 message plan and enter the TXT180 promo word dollar in the Promotion ID field on the signup form will only pay $1 and will have full access to the system to see exactly how it works.

We invite you to visit TXT180.com and learn more about sms messaging and how it can benefit your business or organization and signup today!!

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