New TXT180 Dedicated Short Code Pricing


Many of you may be asking, what is the difference between a shared short code and dedicated short code? How much does it cost to provision a dedicated short code? How long does it take? These questions and more can be answered through our new TXT180 dedicated short code provisioning agreement.

Shared vs. Dedicated

Most text message marketing companies out there are using a shared short code system, meaning that many different businesses/organizations are using the same 5-6 digit short code to send and receive text messages. Short codes can be fairly expensive to provision and doing a dedicated short code allows for lower prices to the end user of the text marketing service. Businesses/organizations are distinguished on a shared short code platform by their keyword. With shared short codes, there can sometimes be the issue of keyword saturation, or in other words running out of keywords.

Dedicated short codes are just as they sound: a 5-6 digit short code that is dedicated directly to a business/organization. Dedicated short codes are ideal for those looking to 1) set up their own text message marketing platform, 2) cut costs at a higher volume of messaging, and 3) enjoy the freedom of all available keywords on a short code.

Dedicated Short Code Provisioning and Pricing

Want to get an idea of pricing for a dedicated short code? Need more information about obtaining your own dedicated short code? Check out our new TXT180 Dedicated Short Code Pricing sheet. All details regarding the obtaining of a dedicated short code, differences between random and vanity short codes, and provisioning costs and wait times are available in this new document. If you are having further questions about dedicated short codes, please contact TXT180 support to have those questions answered.

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