TXT180 Features: Facebook and Twitter Integration


There are many different mediums that businesses can use to advertise and market. One such popular medium is social networking through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We at TXT180 are trying to help our customers merge the social media world with our text message platform. In an effort to do so, we’ve added Facebook and Twitter integration to our send message capabilities. Read on to see how these options work.


The Facebook integration requires a log-in to access the Facebook information and allows a user to re-post a message to a fan page they administer, or to their wall. Facebook will go through a few windows asking for permission to access information and post to the profiles. Once a user has logged in to their Facebook through the send message feature, it will not require another log-in to re-post the message. This is a great way to copy your daily special that you send out via text to your Facebook wall. Or to update both text uses and Facebook users all through one message. The problem with so many different social networks is how time consuming it gets going to each one individually and being interactive with all of them. This integration will help streamline that process somewhat.


Tweeting the message is a little easier to do. When posting to Twitter a log-in is required, which once logged in, will automatically post the message to the Twitter feed. Keep in mind that the character limit on Twitter is a little less than what is allowed in a text message (140 characters on Twitter vs 160 characters in a text message) so your message may be cut a little short.

If you have any questions about our new Facebook and Twitter integration, please contact TXT180 support. We are more than happy to help! Watch for more features to come.

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