SMS Customers Use QR Codes to Generate More Opt-ins


Recently we added the ability to generate QR codes for our SMS white label customers. We are excited to announce that we have now propagated that feature over to our retail customers.

The same features that are present on the text marketing reseller’s control panel is available to our customers with TXT180. You can generate 3 different types of QR codes using our system:

  1. One that redirects to a URL.
  2. One that adds a contact to the person’s smartphone. It can include information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and organization name.
  3. One that generates an opt-in by those who scan it. You can also generate QR codes to opt subscribers into a group.

Each QR code that is generated can be previewed, downloaded, and then added to any online or print advertising to promote your text message marketing service. For a more complete look of what QR codes are and how they work, see our previous post about TXT180 releasing QR codes.

As always, we are trying to bring new features to our customers that can help improve the marketing of their business. Text message marketing is very effective and with the right tools, such as QR codes, effective marketing campaigns can be created and launched to benefit businesses large and small.

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