TXT180 Offers Resellers Turn-key Website Options!


TXT180 has released a couple of new abilities for our SMS reseller customers to take advantage of. In the recent months we have strived to release features and enhancements to our system that make it more user-friendly for our customers and resellers alike. As always, we desire to provide you with the best text message marketing platform available and will continue to do so.

A Call For Feedback

Before our announcements, we would like to call upon our TXT180 customers and TXT180 resellers to provide us with more feedback concerning our system and how we can better serve you. Specifically we are looking for feedback on:

  • Wish Lists – This is a great opportunity to let us know what you would like to have on the system as far as features and enhancements are concerned. We make developmental decisions based upon the feedback our customers provide us.
  • Dislikes – What don’t you like about the reseller platform/TXT180 platform? What would you like to see changed and why?
  • Have you had a positive experience with Reseller Support?
  • Any other feedback you feel the need to share.

Please do not hesitate to share your TXT180 experience feedback; both positive and negative feedback allows us to evaluate what is working well for our customers, and what changes may make the user experience as simple and pleasant as possible. In order to assist you, our customers, in the most effective way we need to hear your experiences and ideas.

New Reseller Turn-Key Websites Available!

We now offer template websites for our resellers to purchase in addition to the reseller package. These website themes are fully functional and will provide resellers with a stylish, yet effective means of marketing their service on the web. All you will need is a domain and web hosting. The current themes available are found on our turn-key websites webpage http://www.textmessagedemo.com. For information on pricing or how to obtain a website, fill out the form located within the “Contact Us” link on the text message demo website and someone will contact you promptly with information.

TXT180 Reseller Emergency Line

At the request of some of our TXT180 resellers, we have established an emergency line of communication for problems such as system outages. This is a voice mail only line that will notify the management and support team via email and instant text message when a message is deposited into the emergency line voice mail. From there, the management and support team will respond to the emergency (if legitimate) and reply to resellers in a timely manner of the status of the system. For clarity, this emergency line is not for normal support calls. It is for emergencies ONLY. Please only use this line for emergencies. Support will be handled during our business hours.  Resellers feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the emergency number, and what may constitute an emergency.

Stay tuned for more TXT180 updates and TXT180 reseller tips. We have some exciting enhancements on the horizon that will make our system even better than it already is.

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