New TXT180 SMS Reseller White Label Features


TXT180 launched a couple new items last week for our loyal sms resellers. This makes our system even more customizable through the while label options to maintain your own brand while using our platform. Check out the new sms reseller features and then send us your feedback about what you like or do’t like and what other features or changes you would like to see with the white label reseller program in the future.

New TXT180 SMS Reseller Features:

  1. Option to hide the mobile marketing guide.
  2. Option to hide the mobile marketing tips; which show up in the customer control panel.
  3. Option to include your own upgrades URL which will be displayed in your customer’s control panel in the upgrade tab. This will direct them to your own webpage where you can put your own pricing and include order forms or instructions on how to upgrade.
  4. Option to include your own mobile marketing guide in your control panel. This will pull your URL to your own PDF file or document on the web where your customers can download your information with tips/tricks.

These options add a lot to the customization of your sms reseller customer resources and account management options. We’ve also been expanding on the reseller API and have it about 99% completed. The last two items are update groups and send message to specific groups. These sms features should be finished by the end of September.

We’re now accepting feedback from our resellers to do some integration for billing services. It has not been decided whether we should implement a billing system into the customer control panel for people to renew their accounts automatically (through our merchant service or through the reseller merchant service). If you have comments or feedback regarding this please contact us at with your suggestions.

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