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We at TXT180 have been developing new features and enhancements to increase the usability and friendliness of our reseller platform. In light of recent feedback, we have developed these features to meet the needs of our SMS resellers and their customers. It is our hope that these new features will make text message marketing an easier process for those using it.

Group Graphs

The ability to see a graphical representation of group’s contacts is a valuable tool for those looking to run text voting/polling campaigns. Group graphs can be enabled from the control panel and an auto-refresh ability can be set to refresh the graph every 10 seconds for a more real-time look at the results.

An excellent example of this is a sport’s grill who is running a text voting campaign on game night of the NBA finals. The sport’s grill would advertise to text vote for the Miami Heat to win the game or text sports.okc to vote for the Oklahoma City Thunder to with the game. Once the texts start coming in, the graph can be displayed on a big screen to record the number of contacts for each group, meaning the number of votes for each team. There are other uses for the graphing capability, such as being able to watch the effectiveness of your text campaign in a graphical way.

Mobile Send Message

More and more people are going mobile with their devices and which allows them to be on the run and still have access to the data they need. That being said, many of our white label resellers have inquired about having a mobile-friendly way of sending text messages. We have incorporated a mobile-friendly send message page, which will allow a reseller’s customers to log-in to a send message page and send messages to all contacts, groups of contacts, or all contacts not associated with a group. This feature still only works with those who have mobile web access and we will be working on developing a way for those without mobile web to send a message from their phone.

Hosted Widget Page

We’ve had the web widget ability to collect opt-ins for some time now, but what about those who don’t have websites to host the widget on? The hosted widget page is simply a website widget on an already hosted page by us. This allows your customers to pull open a URL (white labeled of course) to a widget that can help them collect opt-ins. This is especially useful for the tablet/kiosk market of those looking to collect opt-ins through a point-of-sale tablet/kiosk.

Watch for more updates and enhancements as we roll them out. These features are available to our SMS resellers, and will be added to the TXT180 service very soon. There are new things on the horizon and please continue to supply us with feedback so we can continue to bring the features that you are looking for.

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