TXT180 Announces New Affiliate Program


TXT180 is heading the launch of a new affiliate program that introduces some changes to the existing affiliate program. TXT180 is always appreciative of our affiliates who work to bring customers to TXT180 as their text message marketing provider. Some of the changes that are present in our new affiliate program are recurring commissions and a new affiliate control panel.

Recurring Commissions

This is a big change to the payout structure, our previous affiliate program paid 50% commission on the initial sign-up of a customer but nothing on renewals. At the request of many of our affiliates (and potential affiliates), we have changed our commission structure to be a recurring commission of 20% over the life of the customer. This will allow affiliates a more residual income for not only referring customers to TXT180, but also supporting TXT180 customers to help them establish a long-lasting relationship with the company.

A New Affiliate Control Panel

To keep consistency with our website, we have designed an affiliate control panel that allows an affiliate to:

  • Access their affiliate tracking link
  • View the sales and commissions of customers who were referred, both paid and non-paid.
  • View the payouts that have occurred for referrals
  • Select graphics banners and text links to use on web pages for getting referrals


Payouts for commissions are done quickly and easily through PayPal. The payouts are done on a net-30 basis and no minimum payout is required to receive commissions. Make sure your PayPal email address is current and correct so that you are not missing out on any of your earned income .

We are always appreciative of our affiliates and the work put in to promoting TXT180.com. More information about our affiliate program can be found in our Affiliate Marketing Guide on our website. To sign up for our affiliate program please visit https://www.txt180.com/aff/signup.php.

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