TXT180 White-Lable Reseller Control Panel Redesign


TXT180 is excited to announce that we have recently launched a re-designed sms reseller control panel. We tried to push away from the icons/pop ups and into a more streamlined left hand side navigation panel. We hope that this new style makes for a more straightforward and easy-to-use system. The new design looks and functions very similar to the reseller customer panel. We hope that moving away from the pop-ups will make it easier for you to make updates to your white label reseller program and to manage your individual customer accounts.

When we first started this redesign, we sent out a survey that asked our resellers which features they would most like to see us add to our service. In accordance with the results of that survey, our new design now includes the top requested feature: a coupon system.  With this coupon system you can now set up and issue coupon codes that grant percentage or dollar amount discounts to your clients, for their first month of service. With only one limitation, the lowest a charge can be is 1 cent.  It is required that a charge to be issued to capture credit card information and create the account. The coupon system is only available to resellers that are using our integrated billing system, of course. As always, the reseller will be billed the regular reseller rate regardless of what discounted price is being charged to your end customer. After the first month the account will renew at the regular rate that you have defined for that particular message plan. WIth the new coupon system, you will have the ability to set an expiration date for each coupon, allowing you to offer limited time or seasonal specials.

All in all, since its debut we have heard nothing but positive feedback about the new TXT180 reseller control panel. This redesign opens a lot of doors for the reseller system, because it allows us to update in a more timely and effective manner. Additionally, it will pave the way for additional features to be added in the future. The best is yet to come.

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