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Your Own Branding

The TXT180 white-label reseller program allows an individual or company to sell the TXT180 service under personalized branding. The white-labeling lets the reseller be the provider in the eyes of the clients.

Sell to Your Customers

The reseller can now sell the text message marketing service from their website, business-to-business/face-to-face sales or in addition to services that may already be being offered. (ie. direct mailing company offering text messaging in addition to their mailing services.)

You Bill Your Customer

As the reseller and the provider of the service to the client, the reseller will collect payment from the client for the service offered.

Setup Account - We Bill Reseller Per Account

The reseller can now access the control panel and set up the client with the account and reseller is billed by TXT180 the buy rate for the package the client is set up on. The client then has access to the control panel and can now implement their text messaging campaign.

Video of Control Panel Demo

Please view these short video tutorials to see the operation of the reseller control panel and clients control panel:

Reseller Control Demo Video:

Customer Side Demo Video: