How Do I Build My List of Contacts?



Social Media

Advertise your opt-in on your Facebook or Twitter home page!


Offer Incentives

Give potential clients an incentive for opting in. Offer a giveaway or discount for opting in!


Business Cards

Add your “keyword to number” on your business cards or hand out pamphlets!


Cross Marketing

Utilize cross marketing to increase your opt-ins by offering free items from company A if you opt-in to company B!


POS Terminals

Add the “keyword to number” at your Point Of Sale locations!



Put your call to action on all your store receipts for maximum exposure!



Add your “keyword to number” to your existing marketing campaigns!



We offer web widget tools to gather opt-ins through your own website with ease!

We Help You Get it All Started!

If you want any help brainstorming ways to get your campaign started, we are just one call away.


Usage Tips

TXT180 has tips and best practice ideas available to you right from your control panel. These tips are customized by type of business you choose at signup.



TXT180 also offers a full set of control panel demo videos to show you how it works. These show you where to go and how to accomplish your specific task.



We have a full set of frequently asked questions about text message marketing campaigns. FAQs range from topics such as adding more messages to help with auto-responders.



TXT180 support reps are always ready to help you brainstorm ideas or troubleshoot issues. We offer live U.S. based support from text marketing gurus.

Who Should Use SMS Marketing?

Nearly any business or organization can utilize group text messaging. Some of the most popular are:








Automotive Sales


Real Estate




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