5 Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing


5 Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing

  1. Use forums and discussion boards
  2. Write blog posts about the service or product
  3. Use social networks
  4. Talk to people face-to-face
  5. Use Pay-Per-Click to get people to your site

Online Forums and Discussion Boards

Connecting with people online through forums and discussion boards is a great way to promote your text marketing affiliate program. Forums, especially if you are posting to several of them, can take a lot of time to comment and answer questions, but the work is well worth it. Many marketing forums today have sections on mobile marketing topics to which you can throw in your 2 cents. Those same forums should allow you to to place a link into the author section of those posts. Depending on the forum rules, this would be a great place to stick your affiliate link.

Write a Blog for Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is always a great way to promote a concept or service. There is a plethora of free blogging tools out on the web, such as Google Blogger and WordPress, which are easy to setup and manage your content. Text message marketing content should be informative to the user while implementing proper SEO tactics to get your blog recognized on the web. The TXT180 affiliate program has both graphical banners and text links to use on the blog which will drive traffic to TXT180 and increase the referrals that signup through your affiliate links.

Promote the Affiliate Program Through Popular Social Networks

The top 3 social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because of the vast number of people worldwide that are using social networks, it is a fertile ground for promoting a service. Creating fan pages and business pages with regular posts and links to other sites (like your blog) will help those find your affiliate link. Linking from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to the blog is good, and going the reverse direction is beneficial as well. Adding a Facebook and Twitter buttons on your blog will help your blog followers to stay connected with  you through Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.

Direct Marketing of an Affiliate Program 

Face-to-face interaction is sometimes preferred among those promoting the affiliate program and by the users that are looking to use the service. With face-to-face interaction, print materials are a handy way of helping those you are interacting with to get your affiliate link. Achieving this is best accomplished by the purchasing of a domain to be used with forwarding capabilities. With a domain, the print materials you pass out to those you interact with can have the domain printed on it to direct people to your affiliate link through the domain forwarding.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for Affiliate Marketing

The Pay-Per-Click ads are the highlighted featured listings at the top of a search engine result page. They are called pay-per-click ads for the reason that a certain rate is charged to you for each click of those listings. To increase traffic to your blog/domain, setting up a pay-per-click campaign on your keywords will help to drive more traffic to your site and increase your referrals through your affiliate link.

You can learn more about affiliate tips and best practices by downloading our new Affiliate Marketing Guide. More information about our affiliate program and other text marketing tips can be located at the TXT180 website.

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