It Works Top 5 Text Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales


If you’ve been with It Works for a while, you might have seen a lull in sales, which can happen with any direct sales business. You might already have your established list of customers who are already subscribed to your It Works products sales as loyal customers. However, to be a successful It Works distributor, it is important to keep business thriving. In order to boost sales, it is helpful to employ new It Works marketing ideas and freshen up your business marketing efforts.

It Works Top 5 Text Marketing Ideas:

  1. Build a Text Message Marketing list to offer sales, discounts and promotions.
  2. Reach out to existing customers to share information about new products.
  3. Interact with customers via two-way text message marketing services.
  4. Find new customers outside of social media.
  5. Boost sales with targeted group messaging services.

Build Your Text Message Marketing List:

If you are really looking to grow your It Works business, one of the best ways to do this is to offer discounts and sales. For example, send your text marketing list a text with the following information:

Get 2-FOR-1 Wraps today only! Use promo code: HappyWrapping.


Get 20 percent off all It Works skin care products during Black Friday sale!

These quick, easy SMS marketing messages to your customers are non-invasive, direct to those who already have purchased or want to purchase from you and are effective in helping to generate quick sales.

Reach out to Existing Customers:

Staying in regular contact with customers can be a great way to remind them that you are still there and available to sell products. Text message marketing allows you to do this in a new way aside from social media. Oversaturation of Social Media marketing with direct sales companies like It Works happens regularly. Targeting your existing customers with new It Works marketing tips like with text message marketing is a great way to stay in contact with those who have either purchased from you in the past or have expressed an interest in purchasing products. One of the best parts of using TXT180 marketing plans is that you know that those who opt-in to receive messages from you, willingly signed up to do so.

Use this interest to your advantage. Offer deals, text about new promotions, events, etc. This is a great way to draw your customers in and encourage them to buy new products through regular reminders.

Interact with Customers:

Along the previous line of thought, it is important to interact with customers. Checking in with your regulars is all part of keeping them happy and satisfied. However, text marketing plans with TXT180 offer two-way texting. This is great when your customers need to contact you, ask questions about products, orders, get more info on how to use a product, etc. Two-way text marketing services are just another great marketing tool you can add to your arsenal as a successful It Works distributor.

Find New Customers:

As previously mentioned, there is an entire world of customers outside of our computers. Attending expos, fairs even going to the grocery store, mall, park, etc. is a great way to meet new customers. Asking people if they’ve heard of That Crazy Wrap Thing is how It Works got its start after all! However, if you are out and about and meet a group of people who might be interested in learning more about your products, but you aren’t necessarily comfortable giving them your personal social media info or cell phone number, giving them a text code to your text marketing line is another great alternative.

This is when business cards come in handy. Keep your short code on your business card with the the number they can text into to opt-in to your text marketing line to receive information about products, alerts, your website information and more.

Boost Sales with Targeted Group Marketing:  

Another fun feature to be found with a TXT180 text marketing plan is the ability to send specific messages to certain groups of recipients. No need to blast all of your customers with the same message that only a few will truly benefit from. Too frequent text blasting can be too much for some customers and might turn them off to your business. In order to avoid desensitizing your customers to your marketing, keeping some messages reserved for certain groups can be more effective.

For example, if you have a group of customers that are part of the loyalty program, offer special discounts, promotions and early-bird specials to those specific loyalty customers. Alternatively, keep a specific group of your inactive customers or light purchasers in a specific group with different types of messages like alerting them to new products or information about your upcoming promotions that might entice them to make a purchase.

There are so many ways to boost sales using TXT180 marketing plans. Best of all, text message marketing can be incorporated into all of your other methods of marketing to bring your business together and create a cohesive marketing plan for your It Works business.

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