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This top 5 list of Lularoe marketing ideas using text messaging just got better! With so many Lularoe consultants successfully using Lularoe text updates to keep their clients in the loop about live sales and special events we wanted to tell you a about another great way to use your Lularoe text service. Some of our most successful Lularoe agents send regular text messages telling customers about inventory clearance on their business website page. Often they will include a special Lularoe coupon offer like a buy 2 get 1 free coupon or they send a unique coupon only shared with text subscribers to give them free shipping or other deals online.

Another fun idea we see used a lot is to text out a trivia question and have the first person to respond via text receive a special offer – Lula cash, free mystery leggings, etc. You can pair that message with a reminder of when your live event starts as well. Some even have them post the trivia answer in the Facebook group to get the clients to the store and shopping!

Lularoe consultants are always looking for ways to reach out to new people to host a party or check out the latest inventory. Facebook is a good way to reach people but can become quite saturated. Instagram and Twitter are also great options, but not everyone has these accounts. What you need is a way to reach people one-on-one, directly. A way to tell them when you have new inventory, invite them to host a party, get referral names from them. Text messaging is the perfect way to keep in touch with people, one-on-one, in a non-intrusive way.

Because all SMS messaging is 100% opt-in you’ll only be sending texts to people that want your messages – anyone can opt-out at anytime by replying STOP to any message. You can send individual messages or a Lularoe text update to 1000 people with the click of a button. Let’s take a look at how you can create a successful Lularoe marketing plan using a Lularoe text service. In addition to telling customers about live Facebook events.

Text Message Marketing for Lularoe Consultants

#1 Add Lularoe Call-to-Action to All Current Advertising

  • Posting on social media
  • Handing out a business card
  • Talking to a friend on the phone 
  • Hosting an event

Make sure you always tell them how to  join your texting list. To join they simply text your keyword (a unique word you choose – this could be your name – for instance, Julie) to the shortcode. That is all it takes for them to opt-in to get your Lularoe text alerts. Their number will be captured by the system and added to your text message list. The call-to-action can be very simple, “Text Julie to 21000 to get exclusive Lularoe specials”.

#2 Send Invitations to Your Online or In-Home Parties

Within your text marketing account you can group your contacts and send targeted messages to your clients. If you have a group of customers that always buy through your Facebook page put them in a group and send a quick Lularoe text alert reminder about when you are getting new inventory and what time you will be posting it and hosting an event online. If you are doing an in-home party have the host invite all of the guest list to text in (offer an incentive like a chance to win a free gift or money off a purchase, etc). You can have them text into a group directly so you know which people are attending a specific event and then send them a reminder the day of the party with the time and address. All messages are delivered as an individual message so no one will see other people’s contact information or replies.

#3 Use Lularoe Text Messaging to Get Referrals

Challenge all of your guests to invite 5 people that might be interested in hosting a party to text in. Have them post it on their personal social media accounts. If possible, offer and incentive like, “Text Julie to 21000 to host an event and get a free skirt”. Having these people text directly into a group for referrals will make it easy to follow up with each person individually to schedule a party. Groups use a keyword extension, you could use an extension of Party and then have people text Julie-party to 21000 to be added to that specific group to get Lularoe text updates about hosting a party. An auto-reply will go out to them immediately saying “Thank you for your interest in hosting a Lularoe party. I will be contacting you within 24 hours to schedule your party and tell you how you can get a free Lularoe skirt” or whatever custom message you want to return to them.

#4 Run a Lularoe Contest and Pick a Random Winner

Reward your Lularoe text service clients by doing an occasional contest or giveaway. You can send a text to all contacts on your list and tell them how to enter (have them text into a new group) and then let the system randomly pick a number to win the prize you are giving away. This is a fun way to keep people involved and keep your name fresh in their minds so they’ll refer people to you whenever someone asks them where they got their cute leggings, or other Lularoe clothing item!

#5 Keep in Touch with Lularoe Consultants You Sponsor

Create a separate group for the Lularoe consultants you are sponsoring, or other consultants you know, so you can send out encouraging texts, marketing ideas, Lularoe text updates, and share other helps and tips with each other to ensure the success of your business. Connecting with other people is what Lularoe is all about. The more people you talk to the more opportunities you have to do business and spread the word about all the incredible Lularoe products you have to offer.

These are just a few of the ways you can use text message marketing to make your Lularoe marketing ideas successful! Signup today to try it FREE for 15 days!

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