Paparazzi Marketing Ideas using SMS Messaging


Paparazzi Marketing Ideas:

As a consultant for Paparazzi, whether you are an experienced consultant or your are new to the business, considering all marketing avenues is how to grow your business from small or stagnant into thriving and successful direct sales. SMS messaging is more than sending simple text message reminders to your family and friends about upcoming Paparazzi parties, promotions and events. When used as a tried and true marketing technique, text message marketing can be a valuable addition when incorporated into your other Paparazzi marketing ideas.

SMS Messaging for Direct Sales:

How does a Paparazzi Consultant begin using text message market to grow their business? Companies like TXT180 provide customers with affordable, convenient systems that make it easy to set up text message marketing campaigns that are automated and can reach your entire list of customers, potential customers, party hostesses or can reach them all in separate lists. Depending on the type of message you’re wishing to send, you can target them specifically to more effectively reach only those who would benefit. For example, if at one of your Paparazzi parties, you have 20 guests, encourage each of them to sign up to opt in to your text marketing list to receive regular updates on special promotions and other Paparazzi events. Offer discounts on items or add hostess benefits as a way to encourage your guests to sign up for your text marketing list.

Build these lists and have a direct line of communication to those who have purchased from you in the past, have hosted a Paparazzi party for you or maybe just folks who might be interested in learning more about signing up to be a hostess, consultant or want to know when they can see your pop-up shops at upcoming events.

Direct marketing is more effective in reaching sales, building clientele and even encouraging new Paparazzi consultant sign ups to your team. Using TXT180 SMS Messaging solutions can be one of your most effective methods of building your business.

How to use SMS Messaging with other Marketing Ideas:

The best part about using SMS messaging when growing a business is that it can be easily integrated into your other Paparazzi marketing ideas. For example, on every business card (which is a staple marketing tool) include a shortcode and your memorable keyword associated with your Paparazzi business and see your bulk texting list grow.

For example, on your business card include the info:

“To book your Paparazzi party, TEXT Accessorize to 2100 today and receive bonus hostessing rewards!”

Other ways to include text message marketing with your other Paparazzi Marketing ideas is to make sure you take advantage of all your social media work. Many independent consultants in direct sales rely primarily on social media to help them get the word out about their business. But when businesses and consultants begin to oversaturate their family and friends with too much marketing, it begins to lose its effect on potential and even existing customers. That’s why spicing up the old marketing ideas with new ones, like SMS messaging, can be a great way to see new returns on your business marketing efforts.

For example, in a Facebook or Instagram post, include some information about an upcoming event and encourage your followers to opt-in to receive text messages to learn more. One great way to do this is by offering an incentive:

“TEXT Accessorize to 2100 to learn more about how you can get discounts on Paparazzi products at my upcoming Paparazzi booth at the County Fair on Saturday!”

For those who opt-in to receive messages, reward those customers and encourage them to come back with 10 percent off their purchase. Or any kind of incentive you’ve tried in the past that seems to work well with your client base.

As you can see, SMS messaging can be a great way to help your customers get more information about your business in a new way that isn’t ignored and missed on social media – that is now inundated with so many other direct sales businesses.

Set your Paparazzi business apart and use SMS messaging to your advantage by adding it to your list of Paparazzi marketing. Check out what TXT180 has to offer you to help add to your marketing efforts and grow your business today! Try it free for 15 days!!

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