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In this article, we’ve provided some basic information about our recommendations for merchant accounts. At the bottom of this article, we have included links to their websites and their phone numbers so you can do further research.

Cayan – Formerly Merchant Warehouse

Our first recommendation to consider for a merchant account is Cayan, formerely Merchant Warehouse. Cayan provides a variety of methods for credit card and debit card processing. The two mentioned are online credit card processing and wireless credit card processing. Online credit card processing is available through 2 payment gateways they offer: and LinkPoint. The wireless credit card processing provides a way for resellers to collect payment via credit card through a wireless terminal. This works very much the same as a cell phone, sending the credit card and payment information through the wireless cellular networks. The information is passed to Cayan and the transaction approval, or decline, is sent back to the wireless terminal. Resellers who are interested in using Cayan, and who visit local businesses to promote their service may want to look into obtaining some kind of wireless processing terminal and enable the use of it with a Cayan account. is another popular merchant account provider that offers solutions for both online and telephone, mail, and in-person transactions. They offer free internet processing software based upon your approval for a merchant account and offers credit card processing for online uses. They also provide something called a “Virtual Terminal” which is a web-based interface allowing you to accept credit card information for those phone, mail, and in-person transactions. Another interesting service they offer is credit card processing through your mobile phone. Both software and equipment is provided to turn your cell phone into a credit card processing terminal. This is very useful if you don’t want to lug around those bulky wireless terminals to get your payment.

National Card Payments

The final merchant account we will mention in this article is National Card Payments. Internet and wireless processing transactions are also available with National Card Payments and those looking to stick with internet transactions can utilize one of their free gateway options, including Wireless terminals as well as mobile terminals are available for use when doing reselling to local businesses. For those iPhone users, National Card Payments offers mobile terminals for any smartphone. They offer same-day setup, next day payments, no setup or cancellation fee, and live customer support.

Contact Information

Now that we’ve shared some brief information about the merchant accounts we recommend, we’ve provided below the setup cost, rate, and fee information for each of the merchant accounts as well as their contact information for you to do further research.

Cayan Website

  • Setup: Free
  • Rate: 2.19%
  • Fee: $0.21 per transaction Website

  • Setup: Free
  • Rate: Contact for quote
  • Fee: $0.15 per transaction

National Card Payments Website

  • Setup: Free
  • Rate: from 0.85%
  • Fee: contact for per transaction quote

*Keep in mind the rates and fees are based on a number of parameters like credit rating, type of business you have, risk level, and whether it is a personal, internet, or telephone transaction.

Hopefully this article will have given some basic information to get you started on your quest to find a merchant account that will fit your needs. Resellers can save themselves a lot of headache if they have a merchant account that makes collecting payment seamless. Research each of these merchant accounts we have recommended as well as others to see what fits your needs the best.

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