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Over the last year the wireless carriers, led by AT&T, have been working on a system for high capacity long codes (10DLC) which is just the formal word for a regular 10-digit phone number that will work similar to your current short code but give you a unique number rather than a shared short code.

This migration and change is being enforced for all short code providers.

The carriers have notified us this month of their intent to shut down shared short codes in the coming months and are trying to force all users over to this 10DLC system by March. As a result, we have decided to start migrating users off the short codes 77948 and 21000 to a unique toll-free number per customer which works the same as 10DLC but is much cheaper. We don’t anticipate any pricing changes at this time.

We have explored all legal options to prevent the carriers from being able to do this as we have been operating as a shared short code provider for over 10 years. Unfortunately, the FCC has ruled that SMS and MMS are not classified as telecommunications – they classified them as “informational”. This ruling in 2018 lets the carriers to determine which SMS and MMS can go over their network and are able to block them at their discretion.

The carriers have said customers need to migrate off shared short codes by March 2021. We are told there will be a 3 month grace period. We believe all carriers will adopt June 1 as the final date for shared short code operations.

Over the next couple weeks we will be rolling out a system that will enable you to pick a toll free SMS/MMS enabled number and your lists and keywords will be intact. After you have migrated your account we will continue to receive inbound optins on the short codes for as long as the carriers will allow us.  Customers who don’t pick a number will still be on the short code for the time being, but migrating now is the best option. Once migrated to a toll free number – outbound msgs will be sent to your list from that number and you will be able to receive 1-to-1 replies like a normal number.  

What you need to do:

1- Choose your new number when we email notifying you that the new system is live.

2- You will need to update any marketing materials to reflect the new number for optins. *Website widgets will continue to function as normal. Again – inbound optins to keywords on the short codes will continue to go into your list for as long as the short code is live.

Tip: once you’ve chosen your new number, generate a QR code that customers can scan to join your text club. This will make it easier than them having to input the whole number.

Benefits of migrating to toll free:

1. Free & unlimited keywords!

2. Reliability – less risk of being shut down due to misuse of another customer on a shared short code.

3. Unique number per customer vs shared number.

Although this change is frustrating, we are going to embrace the change, and we’re here to help you through this transition.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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