New TXT180 SMS Marketing Features: Alternate Messages


Group Alternate Message

We added the alternate default message to our service some time ago, in response to feedback received from our customers. The alternate message is a feature that allows customers to send an alternate auto-responder message, in lieu of the default auto-responder, whenever a customer is already in the contacts database and tries to re-opt in by texting the keyword to the short code. However, this feature was not enabled with subscribers who opt-in through a group keyword extension. We have now added the capability to enable the alternate auto-responder to be sent to group opt-ins, assuming that the customers are already in the group and try to re-opt in to the group.

The group alternate message settings is determined upon creation of the group. A customer can define whether to send the keyword alternate message, ignore the customer when they try to re-opt in, or send the group default message upon re-opt in.

Opt-Out Alternate Message

Per our customer feedback, we have also added the ability to send the alternate message to contacts who opt-out and try to re-opt in. This feature was added in an effort to prevent subscribers from abusing promotional offers that are available through the auto-responder. If this feature is enabled, anyone who opts-out of a mobile marketing campaign and re-opts in, will receive the alternate auto-responder message.

We always try to provide the features and additions our customers are looking for. Feedback is always appreciated and many development decisions are based upon our customer feedback. Please contact TXT180 Support for more information on these newly added features.

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