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It is very easy, especially if someone is new to mobile marketing, to over-saturate subscribers with marketing efforts. While it is good to be enthusiastic about building a business and customer base, it proves to be far more detrimental to the business to over-saturate the customers. In mobile marketing regulations, it is required to disclose the message frequency to subscribers when they opt-in. The message frequency tells subscribers how many messages they can expect to receive from  the business in a given amount of time (usually expressed in messages per month). This frequency sets the expectations for your subscribers and obviously you do not want to exceed these expectations. If you declare 10 messages per month, stay at 10 messages per month.

Keep the Business Fresh on the Mind

People are naturally inclined to forget. Keeping the business fresh on the mind of the consumers is key in any marketing effort. To keep it fresh, a business must place the offers in front of the consumer often but not too often. Also, a variety of different offers will helps in keeping a consumer interested in patronizing a business. Speaking from experience, a consumer will get very bored if the same offers are coming in every week from a business. Marketing is a constant effort to keep the consumer happy and excited about patronizing the business. Ineffective content in a message will kill the interest of the subscriber as well. Carefully consider what to offer in these messages in order to keep the subscriber/consumer happy.

The Happy Medium

Finally we’ve arrived at defining the happy medium for how many text messages per month should be sent from a mobile marketing campaign. It needs to be re-iterated that message frequency depends entirely upon what type of business it is and what is being offered. The types of messages being sent and the kinds of offers being promoted vary greatly between businesses and will define sending x number of messages as a blatant over-saturation, a well-balanced happy medium, or a pointless marketing effort. However, with that being said, our experience here at TXT180 has shown that 1 message per week tends to be a good happy medium for text message marketing. It keeps the business fresh on the mind, while not over-saturating them. Now for a very simple formula for determining your business’s happy medium. With the right control panel, a business using text marketing will be able to track the number of opt-outs that have come as a result of their campaign. Simply put, if the ratio of opt-outs to the number of total subscribers is high (20% or higher), you are over-saturating your subscribers.

It is our hope that this article will provide businesses with a good foundation for determining the message frequency in a mobile marketing campaign. To re-iterate, it is highly dependent upon the business and the type of messages they send out, so determine carefully what will work best for the particular business.

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