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Entering any direct sales business with the idea of building a strong client base and making money is every business-minded person’s dream. However, what looks to be simple, isn’t always the case – especially in sales. Using marketing methods like social media, online ads, print fliers, banners, event appearances and more can all help and generally make up a large part of a direct sales representative’s overall marketing efforts. However, if you are a Stella & Dot stylist who is already doing all of this and are starting to see your business decline or become stagnant, there are other marketing methods that can help. Using text message marketing can be just as easy and convenient as a social media post, but it directly targets those who are specifically interested in what you have to sell and offer.

Indirect Marketing vs. Direct Marketing:

As a Stella & Dot stylist, you probably use social media as a marketing tool frequently. However, say you post an update about an upcoming Stella & Dot party at the Women’s Night expo, you might share it with 500 of your closest Facebook friends, but because of social media algorithms, only a small portion of those 500 will actually see your post. If you directly invite all 500, you’ll still only have so many of your friends who will notice the social media invite and will take the time to attend. Fortunately using a marketing tactic like text message marketing, you can easily send group text reminders and new product info to a group of recipients who are intent on learning more about upcoming Stella & Dot event and news. Direct marketing tactics like this are more likely to be successful and offer a Stella & Dot a return on investment.

Send Group Text Reminders:

One of the best ways to take advantage of a text message marketing plan is to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. You can do more than simply send a text  about new product info and upcoming sale alerts. You can also send group text reminders to your text marketing list. Knowing who on your list is interested in what aspect of your business can greatly help target your marketing even further.

For example, if you have a group of customers who have also hosted parties for you in the past, keep those customers in a special group so that you can specifically offer them incentives to either host again or find friends of theirs who might be willing to host.

Send a message like this:

Stella & Dot hostess rewards are DOUBLE in JUNE. Refer a friend to host the next party and receive 10 percent off on your next order!

Offering these promotions directly to a group of your customers who have previously hosted successful parties for your Stella & Dot business could help you see new customers host a party on your behalf.

Other Stella & Dot marketing ideas using text marketing:

Another group text would be creating a specific text group to send reminders about upcoming events, parties, promotions and more. Deciding how to group your contacts and your entire text message marketing list (of customers who have opted in to receive messages from you) can be strategic, but overall is an effective use of direct marketing.

While you might have your text marketing list sectioned off into various groups (many of which could overlap) you can have one group that is specific to those who are your most frequent customers. These people can benefit from being a loyal customer as you send new Stella & Dot product info or discount information on upcoming promotions. Using these Stella & Dot Marketing ideas to send group text reminders and new product info can be a great way to branch out your existing marketing tactics and skill set, help you get strategic in growing your business and help you see a further return on your investment into your marketing plan. Adding text message marketing to your existing marketing ideas list can be a great way to expand your business or rejuvenate slowing customer flow.

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