Text Blast Software Rules for SMS Marketing


1. Just because you have a number doesn’t mean you can Text Blast!

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions with text marketing services and the people who want to use them. There are opt-in based rules for compliance that the FCC has set forth as well as the http://CTIA.og (non-government agency). Just because you have a customer’s phone number DOES NOT mean you can start sending messages. This is different than the Do Not Call list exclusions where you’re allowed to call your own customers. There is a lot of case law and settlements going on over the last few years regarding businesses who assumed they had permission to text blast their customer list, but in fact they didn’t. One example is Papa John’s pizza chain – fined/settlement for over $20 Million+ for adding into their text marketing campaign the list of numbers from the people who have given their phone number. Next up is Jiffy Lube – also huge settlement for doing the exact same thing – adding in large amounts of customers to blast text messages too.

2. Even if you have permission – timeliness of entry matters.

This is a rule set forth by the mobile marketing oversight organization. They have specified that you must enter the numbers into your text software system within 48 hours and get a disclaimer message containing certain information on how to get help or stop the messages. So if you got permission last year through some event or at the cash register that won’t constitute permission in our book unfortunately. With our system before you’re able to blast your text to customers – they will receive this disclaimer message if they are uploaded or added manually.

3. Web opt-ins must double confirm!

If you’re collecting phone numbers for text blasting purposes they must double confirm with a reply Y or Yes to an optin message. So in our web collection widget – this sends a message which they must reply yes to before they are moved into your contacts list. This is to prevent people from entering in random phone numbers into the web forms which could be a serious issue if the person didn’t want those blasted marketing messages. A lot of companies don’t follow these rules, but it’s for a better user experience and you’ll see more success if you do it this way. This is also a rule by the CTIA which was created by the wireless carriers to set these types of rules for text message blast services on short codes.

4. Moving Text Blast Providers has rules as well!

If you’re moving text marketing software providers – there are rules to follow which have been set forth by the CTIA as well.  Best practice is to blast your text list from the old short code letting them know you’ll be sending them messages from a new number. Then once you begin messaging from the new number it’s best to acknowledge that you’re using the new number. We assist businesses with the switch of bulk sms blasting software services all the time so if you’re using a competitor of ours – come on board!

5. The BEST way to gain optin permission for text blasting is via TEXT!

This method of the customer texting into the business via their keyword to the short code is the BEST way to get permission to text the individual. Then there is no concern about text blasting spam on the system and less liability for all those involved.

Text message blasting software is an effective way to reach your clientele within minutes for a variety of uses – marketing, alerts, coupons, loyalty, etc. What will kill business or drive people away is texting them SMS messages that were not wanted – it will backfire and you’ll lose the trust of that person. So it’s always best to have FULL permission according to the law and the oversight organizations for the best user experience when doing texting blasts! If you have questions on how the opt-in permission works – give us a call at 877-989-8180. We’ll go over the rules in detail and let you know if you list is compliant by regulatory standards. TXT180 offers the most solid and affordable SMS Text Blasting Software on the web!

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