4 Text Message Marketing Tips for Golf Clubhouses


1. The Pro Shop

Most golf clubhouses will have some kind of a pro shop annexed off the clubhouse somewhere. A pro shop to golfers is what a candy store is to kids. All the latest and greatest merchandise is available for purchase. Golf clubs, equipment, and apparel from your favorite company are all available at the pro shop. One obvious benefit clubhouses would receive from mobile marketing is promoting sales of the pro shop merchandise. The true golf enthusiast is ecstatic to hear of new discounts on golfing apparel. SMS resellers can share the power of mobile marketing with employees of the pro shop, showing the ability to put the discounts right into the golfers hand. What golf enthusiast wouldn’t like a new shirt, pair of shoes, or even a new set of clubs? Mobile marketing can entice those golf enthusiasts to visit their local pro shop before, or after, a round on the back nine.

2. Tee Time Anyone?

Advances in technology have made scheduling and reserving tee times nearly effortless. Many golf courses have online tee time reservation applications allowing golfers the ability to reserve their tee time all within a few clicks of a mouse. Now that a golfer has reserved his tee time, its time to think about a reminder to the golfer about his tee time. A text message marketing platform makes it both easy and convenient for both the golfer and the golf clubhouse. Most platforms allow for scheduling text messages to deliver at a future date and time. The clubhouse, upon notification of a reserved tee time, can schedule a text message to be sent out a day before the golfers reserved tee time. The message will deliver on the scheduled date and golfers will be reminded of their tee time. This process is both easy can convenient for both parties.

3. Tournaments and Events

As a text marketing reseller, you are probably aware of the importance of marketing for events. These events are usually a great way for drawing in potential customers. With that being said, marketing of events becomes a focus of many businesses looking to gain more customers. The same applies for golf courses. Event and tournaments are used to bring in more potential patrons of the golf course. Sending a text to invite golfers to a tournament or event on the course will draw in not only the golfers themselves, but their friends as well.

4. The 100 Degree Discount

TXT180 is located where the temperature during the summer is above 100 degrees for the majority of the season. With scorching temperatures during the summer, its hard to get golfers to come out and enjoy a game of golf unless its at the crack of dawn or just before sunset. To keep business steady, local golf courses run a “100 degree discount” to golfers when the temperature is 100 degrees or higher. Some discounts get as low as $2 for a round of golf plus cart fees. If business is low and temperatures high, golf clubhouses can use text marketing to send a message notifying golfers of the 100 degree discount, effectively boosting the number of golfers coming to the course throughout the day.

As a text message reseller, hopefully this information has shed some light on golf clubhouses as a niche with great potential for use of mobile marketing. Some areas of the country are heavily populated with golf courses, others not so much. Determine the demand for text marketing in your area and look into golf courses and their clubhouses as a means of selling your product.

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