Thirty-One Marketing Ideas Send Specials with Text Messaging


Marketing Ideas for a Thirty-One consultant:

Whether you are an experienced Thirty-One consultant or you might be new to direct sales, you probably have a list of tried and true marketing ideas you can use to help build  your business. In fact, when you signed up to become a Thirty-One consultant, you probably joined a group of well-established consultants who are open and honest about what works and what doesn’t in the direct sales industry. However, there is always new ways to grow your business that even your upline may not have considered adding to their list of marketing ideas.

That is where text message marketing can come into play in addition to:

  • Social Media outreach and campaigns
  • Online ads
  • Fliers
  • Word of Mouth
  • Thirty-One parties
  • Booths at local events, farmers markets and festivals
  • Business cards
  • Email campaigns

The best part of using text message marketing to share upcoming promotions, sales, events, hostessing opportunities and more is that you can use this method of marketing in conjunction with all of your existing marketing techniques.

For example, if you have an upcoming sale on your summer bags inventory because you are getting ready to offer new products coming out in the fall line, consider sending out a text message via the TXT180 text marketing system that says:

TEXT SUMMERFUN to 21000 to get any summer bag product for half off with the purchase of $35 or more!

How to use Text Message Marketing to Build your Business:

Because many Thirty-One consultants rely on the help of hostesses to market Thirty-One purses, jewelry and other products to people they know, having specials specifically for your hostesses can be beneficial. With the TXT180 marketing service, you can set up recipient lists geared toward groups. For example, groups of people that have hosted Thirty-One parties for you in the past, or have voiced an interest in doing so. You can also have separate lists for returning customers as well as one for potential customers – possibly people you’ve met at events who have opted into receiving text messages from you and your business.

A great way to build a list of potential customers using TXT180 text marketing tips is to encourage those potential customers to text in to your service with the enticement of a special offer.

For example:

TEXT SUMMERSTYLE to 21000 to receive 10 percent off your first Thirty-One Purchase!

Or offer specials and deals using text messaging to reach out to past and future hostesses:

TEXT 31HOSTESS to 21000 to get bonus points toward party perks and half-off exclusive items!

Using these Thirty-One marketing ideas to send specials and deals using text messaging marketing can up your game in the way of direct sales. When you sign up to become a Thirty-One consultant, you get great support from your upline, leaders and other Thirty-One consultants, but to stand out, sometimes it takes thinking outside the regular marketing lines and add in a cool marketing feature like text message marketing that allows you to market your business in an affordable, effective manner that also works in conjunction with the rest of your existing marketing efforts.

Put you opt-in message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Offer discounts and deals as incentive and watch your marketing list grow. Directly marketing your customers is a proven method to help increase overall sales. Trying these new marketing ideas to help get the word out about your business can be a great way to set yourself apart from other consultants, build your business quickly and specifically reach out to those who are wanting to make a purchase. Sign up to start your own Text Message Marketing Campaign today to see how TXT180 can work for you and your Thirty-One business!

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