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Thrive Life, one such company, offers healthy meals delivered to customers at home. This convenient way to prepare meals easily with healthy and quality food options is a draw for many looking to save time and money on their meal prep. Thrive Life consultants might be looking for ways to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. Take a look at these Thrive Life marketing ideas including by advertising via bulk texting and text message marketing through services like

What is Network Marketing?

If you are new to being a Thrive Life consultant, you might have troubles knowing where to start growing your business. Sure, online and social media marketing with a company like Thrive Life is a given. Unfortunately many potential customers’ reluctance to join a network marketing company is because of over-saturation on social media.

Network marketing works as a type of business model that has become increasingly popular for those who are looking to make a living while only working part-time with flexible hours. Thrive Life is one such company. The consultant typically buys a start-up kit that gets them in the door as an official consultant within the company. This kit includes samples, products and marketing tools. From there, the consultant can host parties to sell products, sell at events, expos as well as online and in person. The consultant also works on building a team by recruiting other consultants to sell alongside them. Through these methods, a consultant is able to make a range of financial income. The more effective a person’s marketing, the more likely they are to increase their monthly revenue.

Thrive Life Network Marketing Tips:

Again, most consultants that sign up to represent a company already know the power of social media. Websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can build a strong online presence for a consultant’s business. However, as previously mentioned, over saturation of any one market when it comes to advertising can be harmful toward the consultant’s efforts to build their business. Fortunately, there are other ways to increase a person’s customer base including using bulk texting. TXT180 offers a variety of plans to help suit the needs of any size business including one-person operations like as a consultant with Thrive Life.

What is bulk texting?

Using text message marketing services, a person can more easily reach out to their client list with specified information about their business.

For example, a consultant can inform existing clients and potential clients about new specials, upcoming events, sales opportunities and more.

Possible message to send clients:

Existing ThriveLife customers receive 10% off when referring new customers!

Or another option:

Come check out Thrive Life booth at Health&Wellness Expo Sat. to taste new yummy samples!

Bulk Texting Uses:

The best part of using text message marketing is that it is easy to integrate with your other marketing efforts. For example, with social media being one of the most frequently used marketing tools for Thrive Life consultants, a consultant can post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with information on how to subscribe to their text message marketing campaign. From here, the consultant can reach their target audience, those specifically interested in purchasing Thrive Life products, a lot easier than through indirect marketing like sponsored social media posts, billboards, web ads, banners and more.

For example, a Facebook post could read:

Want healthy meals for your family delivered straight to your door? Sign up with Thrive Life today! Healthy, quality meals with little to no prep are a total game changer for the busy family! Text EASYMEALS to 21000 to subscribe to our text marketing list for a 10 percent discount on your first month of meals!

Interact with customers and fellow consultants:

In addition to using to SMS marketing to reach out to customers in hopes of a purchase being made, you can use text marketing to build relationships with customers as well as fellow consultants who have signed up to be on your team. For example, sending tips to customers for easy meal planning ideas, health tips and more is a great way to remind customers about your business.

You can also use text message marketing services offered through TXT180 as a great way to stay in touch with your team of fellow consultants.

Example: Keep up the good work, team! We are only 50 sales shy of reaching our monthly goal!

As you can see, utilizing the power of text marketing and bulk texting services can be an inexpensive way to invest in increasing your marketing power for your Thrive Life business.

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