New TXT180 White Label Reseller Features!


New Marketing Fliers

In the interest of our resellers, we are now going to start offering marketing template fliers for download and distribution to your potential customers and customers alike. These templates can be edited with your own text and pictures to match your style or theme. We’ve also provided a flier you can provide to your clients for call-to-action promotions. Again these can be edited to your liking. To access these fliers, download them at

Reseller Billing System Update

We are very close to finishing our reseller billing system. We are roughly 95% complete with the development of it and then we will do a full round of testing for functionality. Now is the time, if you are looking to upgrade to the new billing system, to start learning the process for the billing system as well as obtaining a merchant account and To start learning more about our reseller billing information, please download our reseller billing document at

Reseller Comparison Chart

We’ve done some research about how our reseller platform stacks up against the competition. We were able to confirm that we offer one of the most competitive rates in the industry and a very low overall cost and cost-per-customer through our low text message/platform fees. To read more of our findings and see the comparison yourself, visit

Soon-to-Come Enhancements

Once we are finished with our reseller billing system, our next major enhancement to our system is a redesign of your customer’s control panel. We plan on bringing a new look and feel to the TXT180 platform and will be developing that in the near future.


With our new marketing fliers we are providing, carry some around with you when promoting to the businesses in your area. If they aren’t interested, leave a flier! You never know what may spark their interest later, or if another text marketing provider tries to solicit them, and your prices are lower, you’ll have the advantage because they will remember your pricing!

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