Using Print Materials to Promote Your Text List


Text messages have a 98% open rate so the more texts you send out, the more people can potentially take advantage of whatever you’re offering. There’s no other way to get a 98% open rate. Use that to your advantage and focus on building your text club.

Anywhere you’re printing, you should be including your text opt-in instructions, how to join, and why to join. Example, “Join our VIP Text Club to receive special promotions”. This tells the customer if they join, they’ll be receiving special promotions others aren’t getting. Be sure to keep your word on whatever the offer is. For that example, make sure you send special promotions to your text club that you don’t offer elsewhere. That will help your text club members feel special and likely will lead to them telling friends or family to join so they can also receive the special promotions.

Promoting in Emails

If you send out emails or newsletters, include your text club info in each of them. Emails receive a 6-20% open rate versus text messages at 98%. The more email subscribers you convert to text club members, the quicker your results will grow. Below is one of our customers’ email instructions to join their golf text club. It includes a great incentive and clear instructions on how to join.


Business Cards

Utilize something you hand out frequently and include your text club instructions to the front or back of your business card as a good way to give people instructions they can take with them.

Promote Using Flyers at Checkout

Adding a flyer with an incentive and opt-in instructions next to the checkout can yield great results especially if you offer something your customers can redeem right then. Such as “10% off your purchase when you join our text club! Expires today.” This way people can join right on the spot, get rewarded, and then you can re-market to them in the future. Training cashiers to offer the deal to each person as they’re getting ready to pay will also get better results. Our team is happy to help make you a custom flyer or business card to use to promote your text club if you don’t have the ability to make those in-house.

This can also work well for restaurants/bars. Placing the opt-in instructions on table tents on each table is a great way to get diners to notice. Also, have servers offer the discount when presenting the check as an added way to gain more opt-ins. We have found that restaurants that offer something on the spot get great response rates. This can be complimentary soda or a free appetizer. We recommend offering something that is low cost to you but has a high-value perception by your customer.

Using Existing Print Ads to Gain Text Club Members

If you’re doing any print advertising or direct mail advertising, add your text club information to the ads to get people to join your text club in order to redeem your offer. For example, “Get $5 Off Any Purchase of $25 or More by Texting WORD to 21000”. Each person who would like to redeem your offer would have to text in and then you have them in your text list database to market to later even if you no longer are doing your print ads. This is also helpful because the offer is right on the customer’s cell phone rather than them having to clip the coupon and remember to bring it with them.

Print Instructions & Placement Ideas

  • Flyers: On the front door, at the cashier, inside of the bathroom stall

  • Receipts: Print your text club instructions at the bottom of each receipt

  • Business Cards: Have your business cards with instructions at the cashier to take and hand out

  • Postcards: If you send postcards, include the text club information on those

  • Direct Mail: If you send any direct mail pieces or are doing any ads, include your text club as the way to redeem

Depending on what type of business you have, the print material will vary, but the more places you can get it seen, the better success you will see. Our customer success managers are here to help go through your individual business and goals and help you determine the best strategy for getting the best response rates to your text club and make you print materials to use to promote. You can schedule a call via our live chat, email, or phone support.

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