TXT180 SMS White Label Reseller Features


TXT180 is always striving to develop new features to make our platform better and more useful. A new feature has been added to our white label platform to answer the feedback of our loyal SMS resellers. Resellers now have the ability to create sub-users of their reseller account, which will provide means of having agents who sell your platform and provide service to your customers on a limited scale. The reseller sub-users have restricted privileges of a control panel, some of those restrictions being defined by the reseller.

The current privileges of a sub-user are:

  • Create accounts
  • Add additional keywords to accounts
  • Add additional messages to accounts
  • Upgrade accounts/Downgrade accounts
  • Check for low message balances

The resellers have the ability to define sub-users to have access to only accounts they create, or all accounts created under the reseller account.

A new icon has been added to the control panel, where resellers will sign up and manage their reseller sub-users. Means have also been established for note-tracking which will track the actions of a reseller sub-user and insert those notes into the master reseller’s notes page for that account.

More features are soon to be released on our reseller platform as we make developments. We appreciate any feedback from our resellers and if you have any, please send it to resellers@txt180.com.

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