2 Way SMS Texting with TXT180 Inbox


2-Way SMS Conversation – How it Works

  1. Setup your Inbox to receive opt-ins and messages by clicking on Inbox and then checking the top box for “Send Opt-ins and Messages to Inbox”. Click update to save the changes.
  2. Send a message to a group or individual.
  3. Any reply from a contact on your list will be delivered to your inbox.
  4. Click on the message in the inbox to send a direct reply to that individual number.
  5. If a reply contains an email address the contact record will be updated to store the email address on the My Contacts page. These can be exported to a csv file with the red Export button on the upper-right side of the My Contacts page. 

Keep in mind that any message starting with stop, cancel, unsubscribe, end, or stopall will still remove the contact from your list and any message starting with help will send them the Help text with information about your text marketing campaign.

SMS Uses for 2-Way Text Messaging

There are many ways a business or organization can use sms texting to interact with subscribers, let’s take a look at a few.

  • Appointment reminders. Use sms messaging to send appointment reminders to your contacts. You can send the reminder as an individual message with the exact date and time and ask them to reply confirming they can make the appointment or just ask them to reply if they need to reschedule. You could also send a general reminder to a group of contacts saying “Don’t forget your appointment with Dr. Brown this week, please reply if you have forgotten the exact date and time.” Even if you don’t tell them to reply you will see any replies that come in so you will know if someone needs to reschedule or needs to know the address or any other questions they may have. Inbound sms messages are FREE!
  • Work order confirmations. If you have a service or repair shop you can text a quote to the individual client and ask for permission to move forward with the service or repair. All replies will be delivered to your inbox so you can see if they need more information or if they are ready for you to start the work.
  • Feedback. Businesses thrive when they offer products and services that people like. The best way to ensure you are doing this is by getting feedback from your customers. Send a text and ask your clients to reply with any feedback they have about your products or the service they received. You can also use this to get input on different ideas you have. Send a message telling customers about a few new menu items, products you are thinking of adding, color options, etc. and have them reply with which ones they like best.
  • Q&A. 2-way messaging makes it easy to do a live question and answer session with your clients. Send out a text saying you’ll be answering questions live between Noon and 2 pm and tell them to reply with their question. You can do this at a live event where you read the question to the audience and answer it for everyone or you can do it one-on-one for clients everywhere and reply to the individual with an answer to each question.
  • Volunteers. If you have a need for volunteers to help with an event you can send out the request and ask them to reply with the number of people that can be there to help with your event.
  • RSVP. Need to know how many people will be attending an upcoming dinner or event? Send a text asking them to reply with the number of adults and children that will be attending.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use 2-way sms messaging. As always, if you have any questions about the Inbox features or receiving or replying to your sms messages you can contact our support team at support@txt180.com, through our live chat, or by phone at 1-877-989-8180.

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