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What is Network Marketing?

Perhaps you are a new Beauty Guide for LimeLight by Alcone, or maybe you are still considering joining a team. Either way, learning more about network marketing and network marketing tips is a great way to get started and grow your business. Network Marketing companies, also more formerly referred to as Multi-level Marketing companies, work by allowing individual consultants and representatives to sell the company’s products as an independent distributor, rather than in a storefront or general website. Consultants, or in the case of LimeLight, Beauty Guides, are able to work part or full time depending on how much time they wish to devote to their business. Network Marketing companies like LimeLight offer their Beauty Guides more opportunities to earn money while working on a flexible schedule.

Best Marketing Ideas for LimeLight by Alcone:

  • Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • In-person events, parties, expos
  • Text reminders and specials

Much of the marketing for a company like LimeLight is done via social media online. However, network marketing companies are becoming such a big part of social media tools like Facebook that the market is becoming saturated, which can hurt overall business. Fortunately branching out into other marketing ideas for LimeLight by Alcone including utilizing the power of text message marketing, can be an effective way to increase exposure, build more of a client base and see a larger financial return. When running a business, it is always the goal to see the biggest return upon the smallest investment. Fortunately using text reminders via a text message marketing company like can be a great marketing tool for LimeLight Beauty Guides.

First, use other marketing like social media posts, banners and business cards to build a texting recipient list.

For example, include something like:

Sign up to receive text reminders and specials on your next LimeLight beauty purchases by texting LimeLight to 21000.

That information can be used on any Facebook page or group to help generate interest from the Beauty Guide’s target audience and is a great way for the Beauty Guides to keep in touch with customers, offer specials and deals, send makeup tips or to reach out to other members of their team.

For example, a Beauty Guide can use the text message marketing alerts to encourage members of their team to stay motivated.

We are over halfway to our monthly goal in sales, team! Keep up the good work!

Use Text Reminders to Built Client Relationships:

One of the best features found in a SMS marketing plan with TXT180 is the text-in-a-question feature. Customers and clients can text back with any questions they might have. The Beauty Guide can also send out makeup tips to customers, which is especially useful when marketing a new product.

Check out the new highlight kit from LimeLight by Alcone! Beauty Tip: using the lightest shade on the inner corner of your eyelid can make eyes pop!  

Using text reminders like this to remind clients about upcoming products, specials, discounts, and beauty tips is a great way to keep your clients in the loop without oversaturating their Facebook feeds with posts that could go unnoticed. In addition, direct marketing through text message can be more effective than indirect marketing such as using Facebook ads, sponsored posts and general posts.

Investing in a text message marketing plan can be one of the best marketing ideas for any Beauty Guide representing LimeLight by Alcone and is an inexpensive option to help grow your business. By getting a customized keyword, it is easy to build a texting list. It also makes it helpful to generate business leads off-line and away from social media. For example, if you are hosting a beauty party, it can be a great way to keep those potential customers who attend the party notified of upcoming specials, parties and more. Using text message marketing in tandem with other methods of marketing, particularly social media, can be effective in building a business. Try TXT180 FREE and see how effective use of text message marketing can become one of your best marketing tools as a LimeLight Beauty guide!

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