How To Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing has its uses for building customer loyalty and relationships and can be an effective tool for doing so. In this segment of our “Top 10 How-To’s for Mobile Marketing”, we’ll look at a few tips for building customer loyalty and look at an example of how mobile marketing can assist a business in building a customer loyalty program.

First Impressions are Everything

I’m sure we’ve all heard the cliché saying, “You never get any second chances to make a first impression.” This is true. Your customers are going to remember their first experience with you, so make it a good one! With text message marketing, that first impression most often will be with your auto-responder message you customize. Make this initial message worth their while and provide incentive to them for opting-in.

Remember Customer Preferences

It’s important to market to your customers according to what they want or prefer. Usually, if they are opting-in to your campaign, their preferences are set by what your call-to-action is. Whatever you are advertising is obviously what they are interested in. If you are a business running multiple specials or campaigns, make sure that you market to the customer’s preferences only and don’t send them information they don’t want. This is easily accomplished by multiple keywords for additional campaigns, or by grouping your contacts according to their preferences.

Continue Building Trust and Relationships

I worked at a locally owned sporting goods store that was a small, one-location business. As with any business, we had competition move into the area and establish itself as a possible threat to our business and customers. After a while, the threat of that competition died away and we continued to have a steady flow of customers. I attribute this success to my former boss who had been in the sporting goods business for 38 years at the time. Being a small business, we didn’t have a huge budget for marketing. Just a simple radio or newspaper ad. The secret to our success was the fact that my boss was great, and I mean dang great, at building trust and customer relationships. It seemed as though every customer that walked in the door knew my boss and wanted to talk to him. He was always very good at establishing connections with people and providing excellent service, which kept them coming back. Pretty soon, all of our new customers I met for the first time while working there became our repeat customers. The repeat customers who felt the loyalty coming from our business were the ones who provided business to us by their own patronage and by word of mouth inviting their friends to come participate. Not only did my boss treat people well, but he aided in satisfying their needs which built the customer loyalty further. This continual cultivation of customer relations kept our customers, new and current, coming back for more.

Mobile Marketing Example of Customer Loyalty

A common use in mobile marketing for building customer loyalty is VIP texting group. These groups contain contacts that are loyal customers and have achieved the status of a VIP. Generally, VIP groups receive the most incentive because of their loyalty to the business. Formulating an incentive program for your VIP’s and getting your customers to opt-in to your VIP groups will prove to increase your customer loyalty even further. Those customers will be the ones to defend your business and promote it to their friends because of the great incentives they are receiving as a VIP.

Text message marketing can be used effectively to increase customer loyalty. To emphasize, remember that the true purpose of marketing is to build trust and relationships with customers that will bring them back to you and your business. Mobile marketing is yet another way you can increase that trust and customer relationship.

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