Email Capture via Short Code SMS with TXT180


Email capture via short code SMS is now possible with TXT180! We are excited to let our customers know that you can now have your contacts reply with their email address and that will be captured and added to the contact record. Currently you will only see the email address when you Export your contact list but our new control panel – coming June 2016 – will display the email address on the Contact page, along with the name and phone number.

Collect Your Customer’s Email Address

  1. Reply to autoresponder – after a contact has opted in they can reply to any message with their email address and it will be captured and added to the contact record. For example, if your auto-responder says “Thank you for joining our texting program, please reply with your email address” the reply containing an email address will update that contact.
  2. Reply from current contact – if you have a list of contacts already and you want to gather their emails you can send a message asking them to reply with their email address and tell them what you will be using it for “Please reply with your email to receive our monthly newsletter”, etc.

Coming Soon – TXT180 Email Integration

One reason we have added the option to collect email addresses is so that we can integrate our service with an email newsletter client like Mailchimp or ConstantContact. Having both email and SMS options available on our platform will give you more flexibility in keeping in touch with your customers or client base. SMS can be used to get short time-sensitive information to your clients immediately and email can be used for the more lengthy messages, such as a monthly newsletter, or to send detailed information, multi-media messages, etc. Many people don’t check their email daily so you can also use a text message to let them know when you’ve emailed them information so that they will know to check their email.

We don’t have an exact date for when email integration will be complete but anticipate having the option available in the next 3 months.

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