Email Capture via Short Code SMS with TXT180


Collect Your Customer’s Email Address

  1. Reply to autoresponder – after a contact has opted in they can reply to any message with their email address and it will be captured and added to the contact record. For example, if your auto-responder says “Thank you for joining our texting program, please reply with your email address” the reply containing an email address will update that contact record in your dashaboard
  2. Reply from current contact – if you have a list of contacts already and you want to gather their emails you can send a message asking them to reply with their email address and tell them what you will be using it for “Please reply with your email to receive our monthly newsletter”, etc.
  3. Web Widgets - Using either the TXT180 Website Widget or Hosted Widget will allow you to collect the name, email address, birthday, and mobile number of your contacts. A web widget is a simple form box you can post on your website. A hosted widget is a link you can email, text, or post on social media to invite customers to opt-in. It can also be added to your auto responder message. For example, your auto responder can say "Click the link below to join our birthday club and get a spcecial birthday treat from us!" Find these options under Tools in your TXT180 dashboard.
TXT180 doesn't have any service to send emails directly to your customers from our system; however, we do offer Zapier integration that allows you to link data automatically between your TXT180 account and another software like MailChimp or Constant Contact to share data between the two software programs. You can learn more about Zapier integration and get our Zapier invitation link here.

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