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Networking marketing companies like LipSense (or SeneGence Beauty, the parent company) are a great way to make money, build friendships and get great discounts on beauty products. However, the downside to these businesses is that the market can be somewhat saturated because everyone is looking to jump on board these great business ventures. However, by learning new ways to market your business, like using text message marketing, you might be able to see a growth in your business that you didn’t expect, among new clientele you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find! Keep reading to find out more about how using text marketing to build your LipSense marketing ideas list.

LipSense Marketing Ideas:

  • Social Media
  • Business cards/fliers
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Online ads
  • Word of Mouth

The best kind of marketing is the kind that is the most effective while costing the least amount of overhead. You want to be able to pocket as much of those profits as possible! That is why most LipSense Distributors stick to what is free. This usually means just reaching out to their friends and family, and maybe even friends of friends, to peddle products in person and on social media. However, if your aunt or cousin or friend already knows a LipSense Distributor, it can be a tough market to break into.

That is when it is smart to consider other LipSense Marketing Ideas like using text marketing. Other LipSense marketing tips like business cards and fliers can be helpful too, especially when you are out and about and talking up your product via word of mouth. You might meet a new person at the grocery store or the park who is into makeup and interested in trying LipSense and SeneGence products. The best part about using text marketing is that you can use it in conjunction with these other methods.

For example, on your flier or business card, put the text:

Text LASTINGLIPPIE to  21000 to save $5 off your first order and subscribe to our text marketing list!

Combining methods of marketing is a great way to get the best bang for your buck if you do need to spend a little money on marketing to see a greater financial return.

Similarly, using social media to grow your LipSense business can be really helpful in finding new customers. But how do you keep track of those customers if they become inactive, aren’t big on social media to start with or become inundated with requests to join other LipSense product groups on Facebook. Using text message marketing as one of your primary marketing tips can be a different way to stand out among the competition and still keep track of your customer base.

Text your customers with info about upcoming sales, promotions, new product launches, beauty inspo tips and more. SMS marketing plans with are also convenient because two-way messaging is offered with your plan. This is helpful to use as a LipSense distributor because customers might often have questions about how to utilize the product, questions about colors or need more information about beauty tips. Being able to communicate back and forth is helpful when dealing with a large customer base.

Not only can text message marketing help grow your customer base but it can help you keep track of your customers with regular reminders, alerts and other information you’d like to send without having to become friends with dozens of people on your personal social media accounts.

Integrating text message marketing into all of your LipSense Marketing Methods can be a great way to grow your business in ways that many direct sales consultants haven’t yet considered. Set yourself apart from the competition and see your LipSense business flourish.

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