SMS Advertising Requirements for Mobile Marketing

  • A program sponsor (i.e. the company name, program name, brand, etc.)
  • A declaration of what the subscribers will be receiving (e.g. “You will receive coupons”)
  • Message Frequency (e.g. “You will receive x messages per month”)
  • HELP for help (In bold typeface)
  • STOP to cancel (STOP to end, quit, stop, unsubscribe are all valid, in bold typeface)
  • A privacy policy or link to a privacy policy

Advertisements should not be deceiving in any way and you cannot have superimposed graphics or text (graphics or text cannot cover the advertisement in anyway). Make sure to adjust your advertisements to contain this necessary information. “Text Demo to 77948 for Service Information. Up to 1 msg/mth. Text HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg/data rates may apply. See our terms:”

Keep in mind there are certain areas where there is a zero-tolerance policy (such as pornographic or drug related material) a call-to-action is not allowed next to this type of material at all (i.e. text keyword to number cannot be next to any sexually explicit or drug related pictures or videos). Any advertising of the text campaign to age related or illegal business carries much stricter rules, or is not allowed at all. Age related texts include, but is not limited to, tobacco products, bars, pornography, and events/restaurants serving alcohol. While it is not altogether illegal to market to these types of businesses, the rules and regulations are much more restrictive. If you have any questions about those restrictions you are welcome to call us, or ask your local authorities.

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