How To Start a Mobile Marketing Campaign



Planning always comes first and do not discount a thorough planning session before beginning your mobile marketing campaign. There are 2 major items of importance you must define before you go looking for a mobile marketing company to use.

The first is discovering who your target audience is and brainstorming how you could go about marketing to this target audience. Ask yourself, “What kind of value can I offer to this target audience that will interest them in my marketing efforts?” Knowing this before hand will help you in selecting a mobile marketing company to fit your needs.

Once you have discovered your target audience and defined a marketing strategy for that target audience, you then need to define your advertising frequency. Advertising frequency is determining how many times per month you plan on sending your text messages to your target audience. This is going to be a factor in what kind of text messaging plan you sign up with when you select a text marketing company, which we will revisit later in this article.

Selecting a Reputable Text Message Marketing Company

Text message marketing is fast growing and the list of companies that provide this service is vast. One could do a search engine request for text message marketing and instantly be overwhelmed by the endless number of companies. When selecting a text marketing company, there are 3 important items to look for in a their SMS platform:

  1. Ease of Use- How easy is it to navigate the platform to send messages, manage contacts, and change settings?
  2. Cost- Is the platform cost effective, providing you with the best features and reliability while remaining affordable?
  3. Support Options-  When you need help, is the company there to support you and provide the assistance that you need?

Depending on your needs, there are other factors that can affect your choice in a mobile marketing company such as what features are needed to accomplish your mobile marketing.

Set-Up Your Campaign

Once you have selected a reputable text marketing company, you will need to set up your campaign. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Creating your auto-responder message(s)
  • Creating any groups you may need for group-specific messaging
  • Using the additional features you selected for specific campaigns (i.e. text voting, text-to-win, appointment reminders, etc.)

Setting up these options will be dependent upon the text marketing platform you select, so be sure to consult with your company’s support representative if you need help setting up your campaign.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Now that your campaign has been created and set-up, it is time to advertise. Mobile marketing does not necessarily replace your other marketing efforts such as print, advertising, or radio commercials. Rather, it utilizes your existing advertising to promote it. The key to advertising your mobile marketing campaign is to advertise by as many different means as possible. When you communicate your call-to-action in these different places, more of your potential subscribers will be exposed to your marketing efforts and be more likely to opt-in to receive your text messages. Look for our next article in this “How-To” series to explain the process of advertising a mobile marketing campaign more in depth.

Keep Subscribers Interest

Subscribers provide their consent for text messages in exchange for something of value. The value is contained within the actual messages themselves and subscribers need to continually be aware of the value of the messages they are receiving. By keeping the interest of the subscriber, they will be more likely to remain a part of your subscriber list to receive messages from you. Marketing is a constant effort to keep the consumer happy and mobile marketing is no exception. After starting a mobile marketing campaign, if you continue to provide value to your consumers, you can expect long-term customer loyalty to be the product. Consumers are happy and you’ll be happy when they patronize your business because of the value they see in your new mobile marketing campaign.

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