Top 5 Nu Skin Marketing Tips – Text Message Marketing


Top 5 Nu Skin Marketing Tips:

  1. Print advertisements: fliers, direct mail, newspaper/magazine ads, banners, business cards, etc.
  2. Online ads: There are many ways and online locations to place online ads from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to blogs, banner ads and more.
  3. Social Media: Reaching out to family and friends and friends of those friends has become a tried and true method of marketing any direct sales business.
  4. Text Message Marketing: While social media and print ads can get the job done, text marketing services like what is offered by is just another tool to add to your marketing arsenal as a Nu Skin distributor.
  5. Word of Mouth: Never underestimate the power of good reviews of current and past customers to spread the word about the great products and services you are able to provide as a Nu Skin distributor.

Using Text Message Marketing to Increase Customer Base

Utilizing these Nu Skin marketing tips can be the difference between you becoming a leading Nu Skin distributor or one that has a business that flops. Anyone in direct sales knows and understands how difficult the business model can be, especially since there is so much competition. Nu Skin has been around since 1984, which means it’s a company with a proven product list to help its customers. In addition, many distributors have been able to become successful in selling Nu Skin products. But in order to do that, tried and true methods of marketing are good, but in order to become great, one must think outside the box and establish new marketing tips to utilize to see their business prosper.

One method of marketing that might be overlooked or simply unknown as a viable marketing opportunity is text message marketing. Conveniently, text message marketing can be used with just about every other marketing method listed above.

Text marketing campaigns work by encouraging customers, or potential new customers, to join a text message marketing list in order to receive updates, news, product release information, sales, upcoming events and more.

Someone in a direct sales business like Nu Skin, can use text message marketing to their advantage by incorporating it into all other methods of marketing as a way to reach their customers and potential customer base in a different way. Just about everyone on Facebook has received messages from direct sales representatives asking them about considering purchasing a product or service. Many of these messages are unsolicited and the person isn’t interested. However, via text message marketing, a person that signs up for your list to receive messages, WANTS to receive those messages and has already opted in to receive them in a number of ways.

For example, via a flier you make to distribute encouraging potential customers to come check out your Nu Skin booth at an upcoming Health and Wellness expo, you can list your keyword and shortcode to your text marketing campaign to help them receive more info about what you have to offer.

Such as:

Text the Keyword BEAUTY to 21000 to get 5 percent off your first Nu Skin order at the Health and Wellness Expo!

By encouraging a person to opt in to receive messages from your Nu Skin business, you now have given them a discount or sample of product (or any kind of promotion you’d like to offer) in exchange to reach out to them in a new way.

This can be beneficial in a variety of ways because it is a less-saturated version of marketing as well as a direct form in that you’re reaching out to those people you know are interested in what you have to sell and are more likely to make a purchase.

In addition to using text marketing tools to help notify customers about upcoming promotions, product and events, you can use the text messaging tool to help offer regular beauty tips using Nu Skin products. This is a great way to remind your customers that you are still there and available to help them with any of their Nu Skin needs.

Use Text Marketing to Run your Business:

Beyond reaching your customers, you can also reach out to your downline using text marketing tools. Remind your team about upcoming promotions and sales goals to reach. These tools are a great way to reach out to a large amount of people in a short amount of time, freeing up more of your time to spend on other aspects of your business.

Scheduling text messages in advance to be sent quickly and easily to customers, clients and members of your team can add a level of ease to your overall business endeavors.

Adding text message marketing to your list of marketing tips for Nu Skin distributors is a great way to help your business grow! Try it free at

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