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There are so many ways to market yourself as a Rodan & Fields consultant. For starters, you’ll probably be introduced to the tips and tricks of the trade by your team leaders or those consultants you work with on your team. However, it can be one of the most difficult challenges in any direct sales business to set yourself apart. If you are in an area where there seems to be an oversaturation of direct sales business owners, or simply quite a few consultants in your same business, you might worry you won’t be able to reach new customers and build your own personal client list. However, that is where thinking outside the traditional marketing box can help you! One such way is to consider adding text message marketing to your existing list of marketing efforts. The best way to incorporate text marketing is to simply use it right along with the rest of your marketing that you are already doing. Text message marketing can be a great tool in its own right, but can be even more effective at boosting your connections with existing and new customers, ultimately increasing your sales, when used in conjunction with other marketing tools.

But where to start? As a Rodan & Fields consultant, you might start out with a few interested family and friends who are willing to buy your products. However, how do you branch out from there? What is the best way to build a list of customers that expand beyond just who you already know?

Build a list.

To do this, text message marketing can be an incredibly effective tool. For example, setting up a text message marketing account with a company like TXT180, there are a variety of easy-to-use tools to help you build your marketing list. First, in order to match compliance regulations, you must only add people to your list who have willingly opted in to receive text messages from your business. To build such a list, use an existing marketing method you’ve already tried! This is where social media marketing or print marketing can really help.

A few examples, say you have 1,000 followers on Instagram and 700 Facebook friends, post a picture (more effective than simple text) and encourage your followers and friends to text in to your given short code using the keyword SKINCARE. Incentivize your followers to text in by offering them free samples or a discount to get new alerts from you and your business.


“Text SKINCARE to 21000 to receive a free sample of our Active Hydration Serum!”

Once your followers have done this, they can opt to continue to receive alerts from you. This is a great way for you to promote upcoming events, sales, new products, upcoming parties, how to host parties and more.

Another way to incorporate your print marketing tools is to include your keyword and short code info on your business cards and/or any fliers you make. For example, if you have your Rodan & Fields business set up at an expo and are handing out business cards or fliers, keep that info on your card so people can contact you later to receive updates on your offerings.

For example:

“Text SKINCARE to 21000 to receive updates on upcoming events, giveaways, new products and more. Receive 10 percent on your first order when you sign up!”

This is a great way to provide incentive and use these Rodan & Fields successful text message marketing tips to help grow your business. Finding new customers is always the biggest challenge when a consultant first launches their business, or when a consultant who has been doing this for a time and finds their business growing stagnant. However, finding new ways to get started building customers with text message marketing can be a great way to see customers become interested in your business and stay interested in your business as you continue to contact them on regular intervals with new info about your Rodan & Fields products and promotions.

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