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Reseller Agents

Reseller agents are essentially sub-users of a reseller control panel. Resellers can sign up the agents from their control panel, giving them a unique log-in and certain restricted privileges of a reseller. Each agent will have their control panel where they can:

  • Sign-up customers
  • Search customers
  • Add additional keywords to accounts
  • Upgrade accounts
  • Downgrade accounts
  • Purchase additional messages for accounts
  • Check any low message balances on the accounts

Actions taken by the reseller agent is logged in the notes of the reseller for review and any reseller account-related items are handled by the resellers themselves.

Optional Tagline

The optional tagline auto-responder feature involves the ability to combine the opt-in confirmation message (mandatory message containing legal information such as “Stop to cancel.”) and custom auto-responder message (defined by the user) into 1 message when a subscriber opts-in. This option will allow clients to customize the first 96 characters of the message, while the remaining characters are reserved for the mandatory legal information. The 96 characters of the message can be customized from the “Keywords/Auto-Respond” area of the control panel. Examples of optional tagline auto-responders are:

Mobile Coupon
Welcome to Bob’s Sub Shop! Show this text to a waiter to receive 15% off our daily special! Msg&data rates may aply. 8 msgs/mo Stop to stop. Help for help.

Welcome Message
Congrats for joining our VIP club! You will now get updates about our upcoming products! Msg&data rates may aply. 6 msgs/mo Stop to stop. Help for help.

Text Voting
Welcome 2 the Sports Grill! Which team will win? Txt “football.A” 4 Lions or “football.B” 4 Cougars. Msg&data rates may aply. 10 msgs/mo Stop to stop. Help for help.

Thanks for subscribing to Weather Alerts. Stay tuned for more information on tornado ally. Msg&data rates may aply. 1 msgs/mo Stop to stop. Help for help.

Additional Information
Thanks for joining! Our scheduled release of our product is Nov 3rd. More info to come! Msg&data rates may aply. 4 msgs/mo Stop to stop. Help for help.

Please contact us with any question you may have regarding these new reseller additions. We are always more than happy to help.

TXT180 continues to develop new features, enhancements, and additional abilities to the reseller platform. We value our resellers, especially the feedback we receive about our platform and how we can better develop it to make the reselling process easier and more intuitive. Much feedback has been received about providing some way of integrating a billing system into our platform. The developers and management at TXT180 have put much thought and discussion into providing an integrated billing system and a plan has been developed for implementing the additional ability. This additional ability will be coupled with other features, such as template websites, in a new turn-key solution that TXT180 will offer to existing resellers and new resellers. The original SMS white label platform for $295 will still be available for those who want to just have the standard reseller package. The new turn-key solution will include all of the additions, charged at a different rate for those who want to participate. Those using integrated billing will pay just $20 per month or $200 per year!

Non-integrated Billing

Without the ingreated billing system, clients contact resellers in order to sign up an account. Once this sign-up has taken place, the reseller credit card on file is billed for the buy-rates of the message plan immediately. Our resellers are required to have some method for collecting payment from their clients, which is most commonly accomplished through a merchant account or PayPal. Each account that is signed up is billed on a month-to-month, recurring basis which would almost require a reseller to have a recurring method of collecting payment to avoid extensive amounts of additional work. The same process is applied for clients purchasing additional keywords, additional messages, or upgrading an account.

TXT180 Integrated Billing

Reseller billing with the integrated billing system allows clientsto signup directly using a sign-up page located under a white label URL. That being said, when clients go to sign-up, the reseller specific pricing will have to be displayed, providing the client with an overall look at what packages are offered and what prices will be charged to them for signing up. On the reseller control panel, the reseller creats plan options and pricing structures for their customers. Using these defined prices, the sign-up page contains this reseller-specific pricing.

Once the sign-up has taken place, a generic merchant account will be charged for the package price the client signed up with. All payments from your customers go direct to your merchat account and you are subsequently billed the buy rate by TXT180 to your card on file. This entire eliminates the need for resellers to sign-up their clients manually through their reseller panel.

Additional pages allow for adding additional keywords, upgrading message plans, and purchasing additional messages. This allows customers much more felxibitly with managing their account, and less work for YOU (the rseller).

As always, we value feedback on how we can make our platform better for resellers. If, when reading through this post, you have any suggestions or comments, please email those comments to us at We’ll continually add new features and enhancements as time goes on, stay tuned for those additional details on new features and enhancements.

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