How Text Message Marketing and Email Marketing Coexist


This article will focus on how to take two of the big marketing types, text message marketing and email marketing, and build a campaign that utilizes both.

Promote Email Marketing through Text Message Marketing

Email marketing, at first, was a huge marketing push. Now, with the introduction of SPAM, or unsolicited emailing, the ability to market through email has decreased in efficiency dramatically. Most people do not read their emails, making it more difficult to catch the attention of the intended audience.

Email marketing can benefit from mobile marketing. This is usually the case with applications such as business/organization newsletters that are sent through email with new updates and information. By using text marketing to promote the sign up for these newsletters, you’ll spread your area of communication to a wider audience.

Promote Text Marketing through Email Marketing

In the reverse order, you can promote (and it is highly recommended to do so) your text message marketing program through your email marketing. We’ve provided this as a tip for gathering opt-ins for your bulk SMS marketing. Typically, formulating an effective call-to-action as your subject of your email will help your customers recognize your intentions before clicking the delete button on their email. This is a great way to gather subscribers from emails you send to them that would otherwise be deleted because they “appear” to be SPAM.

Other Marketing Techniques Have Their Place

We are only talking about text marketing and email marketing in this particular article, but the same principle applies to other forms of marketing in coexistence. Using Facebook to promote your text marketing is great! Likewise for getting people to “Like” your Facebook page by sending them a text message. Doing this helps you establish an interconnected link between all of your marketing efforts.


I often have customers contact us asking about how mobile marketing works. In every instance, I have mentioned the need for other forms of marketing to promote the text message marketing service. It is very beneficial in spreading the word to as many different people as possible, which is the point of marketing. If you are looking for examples of different forms of marketing you can use to promote your texting service, check out our mobile marketing guide found at Happy marketing.

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