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Marketing Methods:

Choosing between indirect marketing methods and direct marketing methods can make or break your business. A billboard is indirect marketing because  it attempts to grab the interest of everyone. These types of advertising methods are easy to ignore as people grow desensitized to them. However, direct marketing methods like sms messages directly to your cell phone, are a great way to get the attention of the exact customer base your are hoping to sell to.

As a Norwex consultant, you’ll probably utilize the most free and affordable methods of advertising, especially if you’re just starting out. A great way to get the word out about your new business as a Norwex consultant is to reach out to family and friends and acquaintances of those individuals. Social media is the one-stop-shop for most of those direct sales marketing efforts. However, just because it is free, doesn’t always mean it is effective. Especially as more and more people are turning to various direct sales businesses to make money, they are inundating social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with multiple posts a day about their new business, upcoming promotions and specials and more. While this can be effective marketing, it can be even more effective if paired with other marketing methods.


  • Word of mouth
  • Fliers and business cards
  • In-person sales events (like expos, festivals, farmers markets, etc.)
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Text message marketing

Pairing these marketing methods together can create a dynamic advertising campaign to help promote events, parties, promotions and other Norwex specials.

For example, many Norwex consultants choose to advertise a lot in person at parties and events because they can showcase the true cleaning power of the Norwex cleaning cloths and other products. If an upcoming event, party or showcase is something the consultant needs to promote, the campaign can kick off on Facebook a week or so before the event. With a message like:

“Join us Friday and Saturday at the City Street Fair to check out Norwex products in action! Text CLEAN to 21000 to get 10 percent off your purchase of any Norwex products when you make a purchase at our booth at the Street Fair.” When they text in their number is saved and you have established permission to text them again. The day of the event, use the list to send out a quick reminder and encourage them to come use their coupon!

Post this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media platform you use to promote your business. Next, use some of the text message marketing ideas to advertise Norwex specials as you see more and more people opting to receive text messages from you. This is a great way to build your text message marketing list of people – all of which are actually interested in receiving messages from you to learn more about Norwex, it’s products, upcoming specials, events and more. And if they no longer are interested, they have the option to opt out of the text marketing campaign.

Sending reminders about upcoming events, Norwex specials and more can help keep your marketing list interested in what you’re selling.

Other ways to use Text Message Marketing:

Another great way to use text marketing campaigns, like the affordable options offered by TXT180, is to send your customer list information about how to utilize the cloths, mops and other cleaning tools Norwex has to offer. Cleaning tips are fun and informative for the people on your list who have already shown their interest. This is direct marketing at its finest. You can even allow your customers to respond to the messages with any questions they might have when it comes to using the product. Allowing you to be helpful and present as a consultant is a great way to offer quality customer service that will have your customers coming back for repeat purchases and to send other potential customers your way.

Using your text message marketing plan to reach out to your downline with incentives and motivational messages is also a fun way to be a Norwex team leader by keeping track of your downline members in an efficient method. In addition, sending automatic reminders about upcoming parties, hosting opportunities and more can help you quickly grow your Norwex business in an innovative fashion. Everyone expects to get contacted on social media with direct sales, but reaching out in a different way that is still technologically efficient and easy to use can be a great way to think outside the marketing box.

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