TXT180 QR Code Options for White Label Resellers


What are QR Codes?

QR code stands for “quick-response code” and was originally developed for use in the automotive industry. They are 2 dimensional bar codes meaning they hold data in both the horizontal and vertical directions, making the data capacity much larger than that of standard bar codes. Each QR code consists of several black squares, in a specific sequence, on a white background. Each of the black squares in their sequence represents the data encoded into the QR code.

How Do They Work?

QR codes are very simple forms of collecting and sharing information with one another. In order to extract the data/information from a QR code, one must scan the QR code using a compatible QR code scanner. The most common example is smartphone apps (many free ones available) that provide QR code scanning capabilities using the smartphone’s built-in camera. When the scanner app is launched, the camera starts and the scanner app begins to try and detect a QR code. When the camera is pointed to a QR code, the scanner app decodes the QR code and performs the encoded action.

How Do They Benefit Text Message Marketing?

QR codes can be encoded with a wide variety of data and actions. A comprehensive list of QR code capabilities:

  1. Redirect to a website URL
  2. Show a YouTube video
  3. Pin a Google Maps location
  4. Direct to a Twitter profile or perform a Twitter status update
  5. Direct to a Facebook profile or “Like” something of Facebook
  6. Direct to a LinkedIn profile or share something on LinkedIn
  7. Direct to a FourSquare venue URL
  8. Download something from an App store (Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows!)
  9. Link to something in iTunes
  10. Send plain text
  11. Call a telephone number
  12. Make a Skype call
  13. Send an SMS message

And the list goes on and on. The QR code capabilities we have chosen are to redirect to a URL, send an SMS message, and download contact details. SMS white label customers can now generate, from their control panel, QR codes that will perform these 3 actions. The most useful of these is the sending an SMS message. The QR codes will be generated with the short code and keyword of the customer, which they can then download, print, and advertise to get subscribers to opt-in.

It is our hope that these new QR codes will help customers extend their business further and increase the success of generating opt-ins.

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