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However, no matter how many followers you have, you will always have to combat the algorithms put in place by each platform’s team. For example, Instagram has published many updates that have drastically affected account followers overnight. The best way to combat these algorithms is to incorporate multi-channel marketing.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing often referred also as cross-channel marketing means incorporating different combinations of indirect or direct ways to communicate with your following. This can include websites, social media, physical locations, email, mobile (SMS messaging), direct mail, catalogs, and so on.

social media follower multi-channel marketing

By creating different avenues to communicate with your following you’ll be able to increase your sales and revenue while creating a deeper relationship with your followers by connecting with them in different ways. Depending on your business type, some of these will be more effective than others.

For all business types, for your outbound marketing the 3 channels we recommend as a top priority are; social media, text message (also known as SMS message), and email marketing.

Both email and text are opt-in or permission-based meaning your following would need to consent to receive messages from you on these platforms. This is similar to getting that initial “follow” on social media. Getting your followers to opt-in to other marketing platforms will allow you to engage with the followers who are most engaged with you because they want to hear from you in multiple ways which is great news for you.

Why is Multi-Channel Marketing so Important?

By relying solely on one avenue to connect with your following, you are leaving opportunities to connect on the table which also translates into leaving revenue on the table. But more so leaves you vulnerable to the ever-changing algorithms of social media. As Instagram’s algorithm has become more of a “pay to play” platform, accounts that once did very well just by posting are now hurting because their content isn’t getting shown to their entire following.

What this translates to is that you don’t own any of your social media followers. Instagram or the platform itself does. They determine how many of those “followers” will be shown your content and therefore are in charge of how many opportunities you have to engage with or sell your following.

By cross-marketing your social media following and getting them to opt-in to other marketing mediums such as text marketing or email marketing you will ensure that you own those followers and you won’t have to worry about the algorithm changes affecting your ability to connect with them.

In the chart below shows the read rates of text message, email, Instagram and Facebook.

open rates by marketing medium

Currently, SMS message has the highest read rate which makes sense due to the constant accessibility and urgency of a text versus the other mediums making it a great way to let your followers know about sales, new items, gather feedback, ask for reviews, or anything else you deem as important.

As great as text is at getting your message seen, it can’t replace all of the other ways to connect. For example, you can post on Instagram 6 times a day whereas sending 6 text messages to your text followers would be too intrusive and likely cause your text subscribers to opt-out of receiving messages from you.

Implementing text with email and social media will yield your best results since you will be able to connect with your followers in multiple ways.

How to Get Your Social Media Followers to Join Your Text or Email Lists

The easiest way to get your followers into both platforms at the same time is to use text message to gather both. With our SMS system, you can have a follower opt-in to your text list which would then respond asking them for their email address (you set this up once and then it is automated). Their contact card will update to include their email address and you can set your account to link with your email provider so your email list will stay updated automatically.

text message and email marketing

When a follower texts your keyword (MYSTORE) to the short-code (21000) you can choose to have your auto-response say whatever you wish. In this example, this shows the message flow if you’re wanting to gather email addresses from each opt-in.

How to Promote Your Text Message Club on Instagram and Other Social Platforms

1- Make regular posts about it. Incentives to join your other lists will always yield higher results.


social media marketing with sms

2- Put the information in your bio.


Instagram strategist and business consultant Cici @_thesixfigurechick is a pro at cross-promoting her following to both email and text subscribers. Her frequent classes and content break down how she’s managing to make one-million dollars this year utilizing cross-marketing to her social media followers.

She adds her text message opt-in instruction right on her bio so everyone that visits her page has a chance to see that. She also regularly posts about her text club and hosts classes on how to be successful with text message.

3- Run a contest to gain more opt-ins


Instagram giveaway promotion

Other Ways to Get Your Followers to Opt-In to Your Text Club

If you already have an email list, send out an email announcing your new text club. Remember, incentives gain opt-ins so if you want to get a good response rate, offer something of value or do a giveaway to those who join.

You want to convert as many email subscribers as you can to text message subscribers simply for the vast difference in read rates. With text at 98% and email at 6-20%, it’s easy to see why you’d want those email subscribers on your text list. This will give you a much higher chance to convert more, therefore, make more money

email cross-marketing

You can also include your text club opt-in instructions to all email signatures.

Get Text Club Followers From Your Website

You can also install our website widget on your website. This way website visitors can opt-in directly just by visiting your site. On our widget, you can also have them input their email address, birthday, and name. You can decide which information you want to collect. As nice as it is to collect all pieces, if you ask for too much information right off, you may have less response.

Other Ways to Market Your SMS Club

If you have a physical location make sure to have print items that inform your customers about your text club. Train cashiers to offer customers to join. Again, incentives will work best. If you can offer a percentage off of their purchase to join right then, you will see a much higher response rate. The real value will be in your ability to text them in the future with specials or information, getting their repeat business, and building their loyalty to your brand.

If you send physical products make sure to include a print piece with your text club on it. This could be a business card or postcard.

text marketing print pieces

Final Thoughts on Social Media Multi-Marketing

As you already are aware of with social media, the key to success with marketing is repetition and consistency. Continuing to grow your brand on social and consistently converting as many followers to your other marketing platforms will translate into more revenue for you and ensure the longevity of your followers.

Make money with Instagram followers

By continually growing your own marketing lists that aren’t contingent on the algorithms of Instagram, you’ll be able to create a reliable marketing channel to your followers and therefore be able to create more growth and revenue for your brand. We work with many social media influencers to convert their social media followers into text club subscribers and email subscribers to help them generate more revenue in their businesses.

If you would like any guidance on how to do this, please reach out to our support team at

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