Younique marketing ideas, use text marketing!


Text message marketing is a great way to offer deals and information about your business to clients directly interested in purchasing from you. Companies like offer a ton of text message marketing plans that can be customized to help share information about upcoming events, promotions and more!

Younique Marketing Ideas:

  • Social Media
  • Fliers/business cards – print marketing
  • Online ads
  • Word of Mouth
  • Text Message Marketing

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the best sites to use to help build a direct sales business like Younique. You can reach out first to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and eventually branch out to friends, family, etc. of those people. However, as social media becomes increasingly inundated with direct sales businesses from just about everyone, it can become saturated to the point of desensitizing your friends, family, neighbors, etc. with your advertising efforts. Branching out to other methods of marketing can be a great way to see a stalled business take off again or start your new Younique business on a strong note.

Invest in Print Marketing

Fliers, business cards and other types of print marketing can be helpful additions to your marketing plan, but can become costly and isn’t always effective if they get thrown away by the people you are giving them to. Online ads are great, but again, expensive. The best way to market your business is to find a method that is the least expensive – taking on the least amount of overhead, resulting in higher profits in your pocket – but is the most effective.

Spread Info by Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is free marketing. Can’t beat it! Sadly, it isn’t always the most effective to be used as a primary or sole method of marketing especially when marketing a direct sales company like Younique.

Use Text Message Marketing

Fortunately, text message marketing is a great addition to your other Younique Marketing Ideas. Reach out to the friends, family, and interested clients who specifically request to learn more about your business and what you have to sell. Text message marketing is great to use for direct sales because you can offer your client list information about new sales, upcoming events, discounts, specials, new product releases as well as offer beauty tips, invite to upcoming parties and more. offers many affordable text plan options to help achieve this style of marketing.

Collecting text message marketing lists is easy and can be easily integrated with your other methods of marketing. For example, on a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post, write something like:

Our New 3D Fiber lashes are available for 10 percent off today only! Text LASHES to 21000 to sign up for our Text Marketing List today! Receive immediate alerts when new products become available. Get the latest beauty news first!

One of the best features offered in an SMS marketing plan by TXT180 is the two-way feature. Customers can text in questions about beauty products for advice, tips and more and can receive a quick response. This is a great way to grow your clientele especially beyond social media.

Another great text message marketing feature offered by TXT180 is the ability to target certain groups of your text marketing clients. For example, some customers might really enjoy getting a reminder that they are due for new beauty products at specific intervals. For example, every three months, text your regulars who like purchasing the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes with a reminder that they are due to order new product. That reminder can be specifically targeted to your regular customers without wasting efforts texting other clients on your text marketing list.

There are so many Younique marketing ideas and ways to grow your business. By utilizing these, you are sure to grow your business quickly and effectively using the convenience and power of modern day technology.

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